“Taronikus,Go check these two big guys。Sagunar,You also help。” Order your chief technical adviser and deputy to check,Kael’thas turned to ask the dwarf guide。 “What are the names of these two guys?” “amount,Let me find it。” The dwarf quickly flipped through his father’s notes。 “With,The longer arm on the left isRead More →

These Ming girls,Lecture by bus,To the dormitory area,There will be a practice room,playground,Everything from the restaurant。</p> And these mentors,Also need to follow,But they ride in the director’s car。</p> A total of twosuv,Three people in a car,Su Luo and Mei Qi,And Huahua three people ride in a car。</p> Training location forRead More →

Shen Huan’s experience and experience are not as good as Bu Yiyi’s,Naturally it is easy to be suppressed by her。 Both are good friends,There is something in the legendxAmbiguous relationship,So there is no competition,But behaved very well,Laugh and play in the TV series,Very interesting。 Don’t you say,Zhou Pu watched theRead More →

First340chapter I play preseason?!(Four shifts) along with10Coming of month,Shen Huan felt a lot easier at once。 Now he has two most important things every day,One is to continue to discuss with mathematics professors“Shen Huan guess”,The other is to be your own make-up teacher。 “Shen Huan guess”Till now,To Shen Huan“Shen HuanRead More →

“How about you?” I heard Lin Chengwei,Li Tianfei turned his head and looked at Xie Lang,Anger。 “Sorry,I shouldn’t mock you!” Snapped!This word just fell,I felt a burning pain in my face。 “Poor title? Restarted!” Nima’s!Don’t push me to the bottom if you want to die? This is simply evil、Plague,Can’t offendRead More →

“Is such that,Would like to ask,Do you recognize the friends who do stocks in Hong Kong??”Jiang Feng added:“It is best to have friends who have experience in foreign exchange futures!” “Friends who do stocks must know,My brother-in-law is Xiangjiang’s stockbroker!But I remember meeting you during the Chinese New Year,Should beRead More →

Head,Look towards Luo Fei,Open road。 “Master,I know。” Luo Fei,Be an honest person。 As long as the master speaks,Obey all orders。 Heard what the master said,Although Luo Fei knows,This time fighting for figs,There will be a lot of fights,and,Life threatening,But still agreed。 “Ok,Then you go and inform some other juniors。” “WhereRead More →