“I will do the rest for you……It was almost there just now!” Fang Yu supported her,Let her rest。 Less than a minute。 Completed the rest of the tendon repair。 “So fast?” Doctor Zhang after the operation,Saw Fang Yu coming。 Somewhat at a loss。 “Just the last point……Mainly you do it!”Read More →

Wang Jiadong is used to calling Dr. Mei Da Mei(da)husband。 Fan Wenliang hurriedly stopped,Said:“It’s easy to eat meat,I have to consciously abide by discipline if the leader is not there。” Jiang Fan said:“You are not fat,Multi-standard figure,If we reach your age,Can maintain such a perfect figure,Enough。” Fan Wenliang said:“My height,IfRead More →

“know,But no way。” “Instruct the fire department,Step-by-step response。In addition, report to the city bureau as soon as possible。You will always remember,The rectification notice cannot be turned into waste paper,If it becomes waste paper,Then it may cause a blood accident,You have to take off your clothes。You let the fire truck beRead More →

“I’m okay。” Ps:Book friends,I am Thor Giant,Recommend a freeApp,Support download、Listen to books、Zero advertising、Multiple reading modes。Please pay attention()Book friends hurry up and pay attention! ———— Chapter Five Hundred and Fifty Three Rescue mission ? .org,The fastest update of the latest chapter of the special forces king of the beautiful president! RescueRead More →

Popularize the crystal core,What appeared in the body of the beast,That is the origin of a spirit beast,Good value,Can be used to measure the type of spirit beast,grade,Widely used in alchemy and other aspects! Seemingly simple assessment,In fact, there are a lot of things to examine,Although the spirit beasts hereRead More →

“Why don’t you guys speak?” Qiangzi quietly asked Li Qiaoer。 “sleepy……” Li Qiao’er answered more quietly。 “Oh。” Qiangzi can only agree with that,I can’t say anything else,Although he rarely spends time with Shen’s sister,But some things are easy to understand,Of course he knows that Li Qiaoer and the three ofRead More →

Shu Qing recognized at a glance,The man in the shorts and vest with white strips is not someone else,It is her sweetheart Peng Changyi。 She is anxious,My heart says you don’t want to die,Wear so little,It’s still raining,Why don’t you wear a raincoat? The TV camera quickly switched elsewhere,They continueRead More →

Qin Liang’s voice is too soft,But these three words are too heavy,Fell into Yinyan’s ears,She was almost out of breath。 Yinyan cried,Tears flowing from the corners of the eyes,Wet Qin Liang’s shirt。 “why?Teacher Mingming likes me too。”Yinyan dare not look up,She dare not look into Qin Liang’s eyes,I’m afraid toRead More →

Yanzi continued without compromise。 “Sister Yanzi……” Liu Xiaoyun wants to plead for Shen Ruoxue。 “Liu Xiaoyun,Now in training,If you want to plead for Shen Ruoxue,You can do 300 push-ups with her!” Yanzi didn’t even look at Liu Xiaoyun,Say coldly。 “Xiaoyun,Don’t talk,I’ll be fined by myself,I don’t want to trouble you!”Read More →