Comprehensive analysis of soybean nutrition

Comprehensive analysis of soybean nutrition

The 2007 edition of the “Guide to Chinese Residents ‘Substitute” compiled by the Chinese Nutrition Society once again raised the nature of Chinese residents’ regular intake of soybean food.

The third article of the guidelines requires “to eat milk and soybean meal products every day”, which shows that the nutritional effect of soybeans has been affirmed by many experts.


hzh {display: none; }  中国人经常食用的植物性食物多达数百种,即使豆类也有十余种之多,为什么营养专家特别青睐大豆?Six major advantages of soy make it outstanding among many foods.

  Unique high-quality protein: Of all plant-based foods, only soy protein can be named beautifully as protein in animal foods such as meat, fish, and eggs, and is called “quality protein” in nutrition.

  Healthy cholesterol composition: Although animal food can supplement the body with high-quality protein, it also brings alternative saturated fatty acids and cholesterol.

The aunt in soybeans is mainly unsaturated fatty acids, and the supplemented lecithin also helps insulin metabolism on the blood vessel wall and prevent vascular sclerosis.

In addition, soybean lecithin also has a mild effect of preventing excessive accumulation in the liver, thereby preventing mild liver disease.

  Highest calcium: Every 100 grams of soybeans contain about 200 mg of calcium, which is 6 times as high as wheat flour, 15 times as high as rice, and 30 times as high as pork, which is of great significance for Chinese residents to supplement calcium nutrition.

  Contains a variety of health factors: isoflavones, phytosterols, saponins and other “non-nutritive ingredients” contained in soy foods. Modern research has proven that these ingredients have an important role in regulating the body’s physiological functions and maintaining health.

  Various ways of eating: Soybean can be processed into soy milk, tofu, tofu skin, dried tofu, tofu, bean sprouts, fermented into tofu, soy sauce, soy sauce, watercress and various bean curds, etc., and further processed to produce protein isolateLecithin, isoflavones and other products.

A variety of food forms provide a wide range of consumption ways for people.

  High quality and low price: It is of special significance to improve the nutritional status of Chinese residents, especially low-income people.