Spring March meridian block acupuncture points

Spring March meridian block acupuncture points

Spring March (Lunar New Year, Second, March) is the time when everything is germinated, and it is also a good opportunity to nurse the body’s five internal organs.

Spring is a wood in the five elements, and the liver in the five internal organs is also woody. Therefore, the spring health should conform to the characteristics of natural radiance and radiance, and the liver is a priority.

Chinese medicine says: The liver is the general of the body, and the main grasps two major events in the body.

However, many people think that the problem of liver can only find the acupoints on the liver. In fact, today, I teach you to change your mind. If you make up these acupuncture points on the spleen, and these are the liver and blood.It is helpful.

Gold scraping parts: 3 important points of the spleen, 1, blood sea points for the spleen blood return to the sea.

This point is 2 inches on the upper edge of the humerus. When the head of the quadriceps is raised, it is a spleen of the spleen. It can stimulate the blood to treat dry skin.

Dry skin is mostly caused by blood deficiency or blood flow, caused by stagnation of meridians, stimulating blood sea can be blood stasis, blood veins pass, yin and yang reconciliation, dry skin.

Stimulate the blood sea on gynecological diseases such as irregular menstruation, dysmenorrhea, amenorrhea, etc. also have satisfactory results.

2, Yinlingquan this point in the depression of the lower edge of the skeleton bone, is the joint of the Taiyin spleen.

The acupoints belong to the water in the five elements. The water points are related to the water and liquid metabolism of the kidney and the bladder. Stimulating Yinling Spring has the function of promoting the spleen, kidney and bladder to transport and transport water, which can keep the skin moist.

3, Sanyinjiao internal point of the internal fracture of the bone is 3 inches high, at the posterior margin of the fracture bone, it belongs to the foot Taiyin spleen, has the function of running air, replenishing qi and blood, strengthening the spleen and dampness, relieving the liver and tonifying the kidney, facing the face without colorThere is a good improvement.

Is it necessary to scrape it to a certain extent to have an effect?

These three acupuncture points are scraped to feel soreness, numbness, swelling, and even mild pain, in order to achieve a satisfactory result.

It can also be combined with cupping, which can make health care better.

If the acupuncture points are not accurate, you can also use a moxibustion to scrape the cans. According to the direction of the spleen, you can take the moxibustion on the spleen. When you encounter the knot, the big hole or the pain point will stop the moxibustion. The specific method is as follows:One step: from the starting point of the spleen, faintly go up the meridian, and go to the Taibai and Gongsun points to moxibustion.

Taibai Point is the original point of the spleen, and the effect of strengthening the spleen and spleen is stronger than other acupuncture points.

Many friends have symptoms of spleen deficiency, for example, sleeping in the night and drooling (this is called the spleen is not in the stomach, that is, the spleen can not take these fluids, it flows out by itself); there are scallops on both sides of the tongue;Indigestion; cold hands and feet, blood circulation less than the tip; women collapsed, menstrual dripping, can not receive; because the blood is not on the head and dizzy, and so on, these symptoms are the ability of the spleenCaused by the difference.

Although there are many symptoms of spleen deficiency, multiple moxibustion can be attacked.

Because it is the original point, it is responsible for the various problems in the spleen.

You can also press 揉, there is a way to 揉太白穴, which is to fill it with the thumb, so that the effect of spleen is good.

In addition, 揉太白穴 can also regulate blood sugar and treat diabetes.

One inch from the Taibai Point is the Gongsun Point.

The function of the Gongsun point is very powerful. It can not only mobilize the spleen, the ability of the spleen to transport blood, but also transport the blood to the whole body. It is an evacuation point, a hub; it can also help regulate various symptoms caused by blood stasis.In combination, it is ventilation, blood circulation, and siltation.

If you have gynecological problems, stop moxibustion or press 公 at Gongsun.

In addition, Gongsun points can suppress stomach acid. If you have acid water, hurry up and take a look at the Gongsun point, and you will soon get better.

Gongsun points can also increase the peristalsis of the small intestine and enhance the ability to digest. If you don’t digest it after eating, you should hurry up and rush it. It will soon be transported down.

Step 2: You can stop moxibustion for a while at Shangqiu Point, because Shangqiu Point is the natural anti-inflammatory point of the human body.

And it can also prevent hemorrhoids, and the combination of kidney and kidney rejuvenation, the effect is better.

The acupuncture points on the spleen are all helping the blood circulation, and can bring fresh blood to the lesions. After the dirt is cleared, the inflammation is naturally eliminated.

Therefore, go to the Shangqiu point in this place, you need to moxibustion and moxibustion, and bring the blood down.

The third step: continue to go up, go to the Sanyinjiao and stop moxibustion for a while. “Sanyinjiao” is the point where the liver, kidney and spleen meet at the intersection of the three yin, so this acupoint can cure the three lesions.It can be said that it is a multi-purpose.

Sanyinjiao is also the point of cure for gynecological diseases.

Any gynecological problem occurs in the attachment, uterus, ovary or breast, can be treated with Sanyinjiao points, and it is very painful and very sensitive when pressed.

You can solve these problems by moxibustion or pressing the Sanyinjiao points every day.

揉Sanyinjiao can also relieve dysmenorrhea.

Go to the leaking valley and stop moxibustion for a while. From the Sanyinjiao point to the lower edge of the foot bone, go up 3 inches, which is the leaking valley.

The leaking valley is the meaning of the glutinous rice leaking out, that is, the thing that eats the belly, it is not well digested, the nutrients are not absorbed, and it is discharged again. This is called “the end of the valley.”

More moxibustion can be treated.Leaking acupoints can also treat urinary dysfunction and is very effective for male prostate problems.

Many of my friends returned home after work all day, feeling that their calf swells and swells and swells, and wherever they are, they need to be more moxibustion, and they will be licked during the day, especially at 9 am.By 11 o’clock, the spleen is the most prosperous.

When I got home at night, my legs were not sour.

The fourth step: follow the meridian to the direction of the rushing door, in the ground machine, Yinlingquan, blood sea moxibustion.

Cure chronic diabetes, diabetes: surgical man-machine.

“The ground plane” means the earth is full of vitality.

Because the spleen belongs to the earth, the soil belongs to the earth, and the acquired nature of the human body is supplied by the spleen and stomach. Therefore, the moxibustion treatment machine can enhance the transportation function of the whole gastrointestinal tract.

Ground machine points are very helpful for high blood pressure, such as chronic pancreatitis, diabetes can be a complication through the burning of the machine points.

Dampness, treatment of various sterilization, edema: moxibustion Yinlingquan points along the fracture bones all the way up, squatting to the knees under the bed, and did not move, that place is Yinling Spring.

The hole is a dampening point, and the body’s moisture is easy to breed bacteria, cause edema, and various inflammations, including dermatitis, rash and so on.

In addition, the spleen is the source of oysters, it is tube moisture, if the moisture is more than transported, it will become sipping.

Therefore, it is necessary to solve the problem of oysters fundamentally to strengthen the spleen, and insist on more moxibustion per day according to the Yinlingquan point.

Specializes in itching and regulates blood circulation: The blood sea hole is also called the worm nest, which means that there are a hundred worms lying there.

It is a specialized itch-clearing point.

The elderly often have itching all over the body, and they can quickly stop using moxibustion moxibustion and moxibustion.

This method works best and is very convenient.

“The man’s main air, the woman’s main blood.

“Women take blood first, so the blood in their bodies must be sufficient.”

Blood Sea Cave: You can mix the blood of the human body, distribute the excess blood to a small place, and evacuate the stagnant place. Its effect is equivalent to Zusanli.

Only one is qi, and the other is blood-regulating, but it is a great point to strengthen the body’s immunity.

Step 5: Remember to go along the meridian, because the mouth of the can is very large, you can moxibustion to the acupuncture points on the spleen after walking along the meridian, so don’t worry about the acupoints being inaccurate.

Step 6: Go to the breast to stop moxibustion for a while, the breast is also the focus of our maintenance.

Step 7: If there is a cough, a gas stagnation, and a chest fullness.

Go to Zhourong Point to stop moxibustion for a while.

Step 8: Go down from Zhou Rong points to the big pocket under the arm (the last acupoint of the spleen), and have the most extensive connection with each of the organs, so the name is big.

“Big bag” means big bag, usually acute sprain, acute neck sprain, acute intercostal neuralgia, big bag can cure.

Finally, someone asked, do not like to eat, especially thin, but also moxibustion calf spleen?

In fact, the moxibustion of the spleen is both fat and thin.

Moxibustion can make thin people gain weight and fat people lose weight.

In short, anyone will feel happy after the moxibustion.