Chapter three thousand seven hundred and sixty one why me And at the same time everyone knows,The little girl who bravely risked her life to get under the collapsed viaduct to save people,She’s still Murongshan’s daughter! There are many employees of Ouya Group among those who watch TV,They only foundRead More →

“I don’t ask。” Chen Hao shook his head,Of course she knew she really asked,Then everyone’s answer is definitely“It makes sense”,She won’t fall into such a simple pit。 “You ask and try。” Qin Liang said happily。 “cut。” Chen Hao expressed his disdain,Then I stopped watching Qin Liang,She was worried that sheRead More →

Swallow is so jealous!Uncontrollable rhythm。 “Then go find him and make trouble,Ha ha。” Qin Liang deliberately sent Yanzi to the army。 “I asked him to make some wool!I’m also Shen’s sister now,Why should I go to him to make trouble?!” Okay,Swallow is not stupid yet,She also knew that she hadRead More →

Xiao Xu smiled too,He said:“Ancient you Zhaojun,Xiaoding is out today。You are on the same road。” Ding Yi smiled,Said:“wrong,I’m not on the same road as her,Although we are all from the country,But she came from Chang’an,I came from Beijing,Not the same way at all。” Xiao Xu said seriously:“Why not the sameRead More →

Feng Yang pulled the sleeve of Ou Baobao,You almost got it。 Ou Zhaozhao laughed out loud。 Finally Jiang Fan had to save half of the purified water,Hope this half of the water,Can be used as a field。 Baby Ou looked coldly,“so,My uncle will do the research by himself,Let our companyRead More →

Just then grandma exclaimed:“This is Hu Lai’s!” Blocked the mouths of all those who were not reconciled。 After Hu Lai’s face disappeared,The program trailer was played on the screen,Said a vigorous baritone who is very familiar with the people of Anton Jincheng:“Hu Lai:Pursue dreams,It’s never too late!Stay tuned for theRead More →

She didn’t even look at Ye Tianzong,Turn around and come to Mrs. Yang,Calmly:“grandmother,Candidates are over,can I go now?” Stay here,Just shame。 She just wants to escape here now,Find a place,Cry bitterly。 “go?” “What anxious,Shao Wang’s people haven’t come yet。” Old lady Yang took Ren Yurou’s hand,Speaking earnestly: “not to mention,SinceRead More →

Xie Yun’s eyes flashed,Finally speak,“Don’t worry about it。”I’ll leave immediately after speaking。 Yuze looked at Xie Yun’s back in silence for a while,Just go back。 When Si Guangnian came back,Baby Ou is about to tell mom and brother what he heard from Xiaoyun,Xie’s big dog gossip。 But Si Guangnian gotRead More →

Jiang Fan said:“It’s not a dance competition,Just participate,If you dance better than the new couple, you will be out of control。” Ding Yi smiled,Heart said the mayor is tolerant,Will always get maximum tolerance from him。 So Jiang Fan took Ding Yi’s hand,Dancing slowly。This is a beautifully stretched waltz。Everyone is dancingRead More →

“what?Get used to it?If i get used to this,I……” Chu Xiaoqiang won’t wait for him to finish,Just said:“Yes,Have a habit of everything,No matter east or west,Reasonable。” “You invented this sentence?”Ai Qing asked。 “The inventor is far away,Close at hand。”Chu Xiaoqiang pointed at Peng Changyi。 Peng Changyi smiled,Reach out to signalRead More →