Passing Roberson is a deterrent,Passing is choice! Two big vacancies,No pass,Isn’t it alone。 Xu Xuan doesn’t want to be an independent husband! Russell receives the ball,Oladipo is very hard,Turn around instantly,Russell passed to Randall,Mid-range small throw—— Bang! Missed。 It’s a pity this ball。 Large opportunities。 Rebound by the sea.Westbrook protects,AquamanRead More →

“Hinata!”Seeing Hinata lying on the ground,Naruto ran over and picked her up,“Are you OK,Hinata!” “Naruto.”It seems to have reacted to Naruto’s voice,The fainted Hinata opened his eyes slightly,Looking at the familiar and reliable Naruto,Subconsciously grasping Naruto’s clothes,“Naruto,sunflower.The sunflower was taken away。” “what?!Hinata,Do you know who it is?” “Yes.Grey Wolf.” “GreyRead More →

“I like this song very very very much myself,Originally they suggested that I only release it on the following single,But i don’t,I’ll sing it to you right here。”Su Mo raised his hand and pointed forward,“Xiaohuan,Come listen to my hard work these days。” He doesn’t know where Shen Huan is,The ticketsRead More →

“It’s ok,Naturally someone will pay me!”Mo Xiaosheng smiled and patted him on the shoulder,Went straight out。 “I will send you a car!”The fat policeman quickly followed。 Mo Xiaosheng waved his hand and refused,Said he could just take a taxi,Let the fat police officer take the police to Moxin Medical CenterRead More →

Mo Xiaosheng with his hands behind his back,Smiled indifferently,“We meet for the first time!” “See you for the first time?!” The old man with white temples is even more puzzled,Puzzled,“Why did I pay so much money to save him the first time I saw you?” “Because i admire him!” MoRead More →

“Just,Big brother,You are now invincible of the same level。” “Among the heavens,You are number one,No one dares to say second。” “Who dares to die??” The woman standing next to Big Brother Nan Douzong,Also flattered。 of course,Besides flattering,In the eyes,With a look that I like。 “Brother,This sword,Do we still want?” Brother,ItRead More →

Shen Zhiyu said:“Shanshan,do not worry,I will help you stare at him。Will never let him go crazy。” Lu Shanshan has red eyes suddenly,Whisper:“Woo woo,It’s hard to get 2nd brother to accept me,I didn’t expect my sister would not accept me,what can I do,I’m so sick now,Don’t talk about paying off theRead More →