Distinguish a cold Fever, fatigue, sneezing. The symptoms of a cold are familiar to everyone. Once these symptoms appear, many people act as doctors themselves and follow the experience of medication. Respiratory physicians say that the early symptoms of common diseases such as allergic rhinitis and acute nephritis are quiteRead More →

Salty food tonifying the kidney can hurt the kidney The kidney of traditional Chinese medicine is a functional overview, except for the kidneys of western medicine. Traditional medicine believes that “kidney is the main water”, that is, the kidney has the effect of regulating water metabolism. The salty food canRead More →

_1 Have you experienced Chinese skin care? In recent years, through the popularization of various health care knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine, traditional Chinese medicine has become a topic that everyone is eager to pay attention to. Especially in recent years, the unique curative effect of various diseases on ChineseRead More →

Required courses for beautiful women Core tip: Strong ultraviolet light gradually causes pigmentation on the forehead, cheeks, and lips, and may even cause spots. In cities in the south, where the sun shines for a long time and the ultraviolet rays are extremely strong, how to protect the skin withoutRead More →

Eight Essentials of Novice Yoga Weight Loss Recently, many mm who want to practice yoga ask me the most basic things that I should pay attention to. I have compiled some information here, hoping to help mm who want to understand yoga practice yoga, let ‘s start learning:Am I breathingRead More →

Ten dishes to make “fine level” firm Men’s Aphrodisiac Soup–Men need more tonic. But medicine is not as good as food, and soup is the most suitable supplement for men. Male friends can choose different supplements according to their physical condition.   1. One pair of pig kidneys were dissected, 10Read More →

Persistent treatment of red eye disease Although we are not unfamiliar with red eye disease, we also know that red eye disease should be given eye drops, but people still have a lot of susceptibility to it, because of misunderstanding and relaxation of vigilance, it often causes serious pandemics.   RedRead More →

Do not catch the tide of “divorce” Nowadays, “rushing out of the siege and breaking the imprisonment” seems to be a fashion for some people. Their principle is “to find a feeling and love it, and to disagree is a matter of discomfort”. As everyone knows, too casual division andRead More →

Ten small recipes to relieve your baby’s cold [Guide]Babies don’t like to take injections and medicine after a cold. We still have other ways to prevent and alleviate the symptoms. When another cold-prone season comes, you can try these small recipes for your baby.   1. Soak your feet in hotRead More →