Ding nodded,Quickly said:“I am not very skilled,Afraid of jumping。”

Jiang Fan said:“It’s not a dance competition,Just participate,If you dance better than the new couple, you will be out of control。”
Ding Yi smiled,Heart said the mayor is tolerant,Will always get maximum tolerance from him。
So Jiang Fan took Ding Yi’s hand,Dancing slowly。This is a beautifully stretched waltz。Everyone is dancing on the periphery of the dance floor,People left the most central position to the eye-catching couple。
Ding Yi danced while at school,So some basics。But when Jiang Fan held up Ding Yi’s midfielder,Ding Yi smiled。Jiang Fan is holding a posture,Looking straight ahead,Waiting for the beat to dance,Seeing Ding Yi secretly smiling,He immediately frustrated,Said“Why are you laughing?”
Ding Yi tried his best to shut his mouth,Said:“Ha ha,No smile?”
Jiang Fan knew that she must be laughing at herself too serious,Can’t help but say,Take a dance step,Slide with her onto the dance floor。
Ding Yi is a little nervous,Because the mayor did a great job。Chic demeanor,Gentleman’s expression,Graceful dance,It’s hard to believe that the person in front of you is the mayor of a government department。If Ding Yi was still a little nervous at first,,Then with Jiang Fan’s right drive,Also made her gradually enter the state,Whether it’s sliding or spinning,Do whatever you want,I feel light and light。She never knew that dance can still dance like this,Dancing like this with a wonderful mood。This white dress,It seems to be designed for dancing,Is so elegant,beautiful,Spinning,Wrapped in wind,With a dreamlike charm,Flying on the dance floor。When the dance music enters the next gentler music,Jiang Fan lowered his head and said:“You jumped so well。”Talking,So I took Ding Yi to myself,Hug him tightly……
Ding Yi at this time,Did not feel any discomfort,This is originally a more romantic and warm song,Every pair on the dance floor embraces tightly,Some female partners also put their faces on the male partner’s chest?
She dare not post too close,I can smell the refreshing breath of the mayor,Not as strong as the manager’s breath,But there is a kind of maturity and warmth。She didn’t know why she thought of the section chief at this time,Think of Peng Changyi?If it was Peng Changyi at this time,She will definitely stick to his chest like other dancing partners,But the mayor in front of you,She dare not。
“how about it?”Jiang Fan felt something strange about Ding Yi in his arms,Asked in a low voice。
Ding Yi raised his head,Seeing his green chin and shook his head。
“Kind of。”
“Let’s go after jumping this one。”
Ding nodded。
Jiang Fan saw that Mo Chao’an kept looking towards them,I thought maybe this Mr. Mo was still thinking about dancing with Ding Yi。The corner of his mouth hooked up,Holding Ding Yi and slowly sliding out of the dance floor。Ding Yi also felt Jiang Fan deviated from the direction,I danced very cooperatively。
The two drank another drink and drink,Came to the depository,After receiving their handbags,Left。
The sky is full of stars。The sky is clear and clear。Ambilight on the ground。The cool evening breeze blows away the heat of the day,Jiang Fan loosened his tie,Said:“Ding Yi,I didn’t think you danced well?”
“It was brought by the mayor。”