other people,One counts one,All staring at the TV screen,Wonderful facial expressions。

Just then grandma exclaimed:“This is Hu Lai’s!”
Blocked the mouths of all those who were not reconciled。
After Hu Lai’s face disappeared,The program trailer was played on the screen,Said a vigorous baritone who is very familiar with the people of Anton Jincheng:“Hu Lai:Pursue dreams,It’s never too late!Stay tuned for the new issue《Characters》,Wednesday evening at 8:30,Lock on Anton TV……”
“《Characters》?How can this be……”Uncle’s question blurted out。
Jincheng people of the older generation,Why don’t you know《Characters》The meaning of this show。Precisely because of knowing,It is difficult for him to accept this reality——Hu Lai who was laughed at by him just now,Actually appeared in《Characters》In the show!
Is something wrong in this world??
I heard Uncle say that,Peng Hao frowned and said questioningly:“That’s why I am strange,Cousin can go《Characters》This kind of show,Uncle and uncle, don’t you even know??Although I am not in Jincheng,But I’ve heard of my cousin before——The champion of the National High School Football Championship last year was Dongchuan Middle School where his cousin was.,He also won the best scorer and best player in that competition,And then entered the professional echelon,I went to the youth team of the Super League team!
“Transferred to Shining Star in July this year,Became a real professional player。Now he has played six middle-A games in Flash Star,Scored seven goals。Before he comes,The flash star has only scored 16 goals in half a season,Now he has scored nearly half of the total goals scored by the Flashstar team in half a season.!How else does the TV say he is‘Shining Star’s new hero’What?You can’t talk nonsense about this……
“Just in the last game,He completed a hat trick!Oh,Uncle you are not a fan,Let me explain to you,So-called‘hat trick’It means that a player scores three goals in a game,Is a very powerful performance,Not everyone can do it。Cousin can have such a performance,Because he is a genius!I was on the scene at that time,I sit among the away team fans,As a result, his cousin’s performance even convinced the away team fans he defeated.,When my cousin was replaced,The away team fans all stood up and applauded him.!Let me tell you,The scene at that time was a shock!I can hardly describe it to you in words……Hi!Anyway, Wednesday is《Characters》Up,I think this game will definitely be mentioned in the show,The celebration video in the trailer just now is the celebration after the cousin scored the last game.。You will know how good your cousin is when you see it!”
Peng Hao took advantage of everyone in a daze,Pour out all he wanted to say in one breath。After speaking, he let out a long breath,I’ve got the idea。
As a cousin who keeps secretly watching the game,Silently worshiping his cousin,He didn’t have an opportunity like today,I can spit out all the words in my heart。
He wants to tell those relatives who look down on his cousin,Let them know what an amazing person cousin is already!
Then he gasped,Look around everyone in the house,Eyes flicked across each of their dumbfounded faces,Until he saw grandpa,Just stunned——When everyone is dumbfounded,Grandpa sitting in a chair,But looked at him calmly。
Chapter Forty Two Extraordinary ordinary people
Hu Lixin changed into his security uniform,Go to the front door of the community and prepare to replace my colleague Lao Fan。