First340chapter I play preseason?!(Four shifts)
along with10Coming of month,Shen Huan felt a lot easier at once。
Now he has two most important things every day,One is to continue to discuss with mathematics professors“Shen Huan guess”,The other is to be your own make-up teacher。
“Shen Huan guess”Till now,To Shen Huan“Shen Huan Algorithm”with“Shen Huan Theory”Under the support of,“Shen Huan guess”Getting clearer。
There are already several mathematicians in the interview,Happily declared,Maybe in the next two years,“Shen Huan guess”Can become“Shen Huan’s Theorem”。
once“Shen Huan guess”Proved,Then the distance“Fermat’s Last Theorem”,Just one step away。
Think about it!
This super math puzzle that has troubled mankind for hundreds of years,Today there is only one or two steps left,Can you keep the mathematicians excited??
Compared with communicating with mathematicians all day long and writing emails in English,The task of being a make-up teacher is much simpler。
Mathematics is a very logical subject。
But many people’s logic is not necessarily good,Shen Huan made up lessons for the senior high school students of Mingxian Middle School,This group of people is targeted。
130Points up to150Difficult to divide。
But if from100Points up to120Minute,But it’s not that difficult。
Mathematics knowledge points in middle school,Not much to count down。