So the two semi-finished products can only sit quietly on the support frame at this moment,Looking down at the reptile in front of you。

“Taronikus,Go check these two big guys。Sagunar,You also help。”
Order your chief technical adviser and deputy to check,Kael’thas turned to ask the dwarf guide。
“What are the names of these two guys?”
“amount,Let me find it。”
The dwarf quickly flipped through his father’s notes。
“With,The longer arm on the left is called【Captain Orangutan】,The cockpit on the right is called【Tyrannosaurus】。”
“This is not the style of Carlos’s name……”
for【Steel tank】Kael’thas, who planned to hear about it, frowned。
“His Majesty Carlos was no longer there。amount……I mean no longer in a coaching position。”
The dwarf explained。
Because of the difference in technical style,Even if the high elves master the core technology,For the technical black hole that Carlos made,Taronikus still took nearly two hours to figure out the technical principles。
“What a genius idea and a craftsmanship like shit。Your Majesty,Although what about the two……All damaged by improper sealing,But because humans use common standard components,If disassembly and reassembly,Change an energy core,Can still assemble a usable one。”
“Then do it,Caponia,You go help too,Hurry up and finish laying the arcane circuit。Strive to end work here before sunset tomorrow。”
Kael’thas just kept Saladre by his side,Then I chose a chair that looked solid and sat down。
original,Carlos asked him to get some doomsday weapon,Kael’thas refused,Can’t you teach me to come, I’ll come。
But Carlos said to leave the army,Give the unpredictable a chance,Can you just wait and kill the enemy??
Kael’thas thinks it makes sense,Here comes。
But obviously,The Sun King Anastrian’s control of Queldo’s Salas is stronger than expected,Even if there are assassins against Kael’thas,The entourage of hundreds of people still seems too much。
None of the alarm devices arranged on the periphery of the secret workshop were triggered,Kael’thas is a little boring。