“Some lives at home,I have never been here today.!Su Da is coming back.,We just said you?!”

“Say me?Old man,You tell me that I don’t let you drink.!Old forest,Are you http://www.asszero.cn secretly touched him?,let me tell you,I have no silver to give you.!”
Niu Niu saw that the expression of the two was obviously changed.,It seems that there is a situation.!Grandpa is certainly not doing this kind of thing!
“How can I say this?!How can I give him a wine?,You all said that I wouldn’t let me drink??Isn’t this rushing to look??”
“exactly,I am going back to me, I can still remember clearly.!I will no longer drink alcohol.!”
All right,Basically, you can determine that the two people have some trading.!But when they say it is good.,Every time I meet, I am,No one mentioned this.!
“Not good!Otherwise.,I will find Lin’s wife.,We don’t believe in you together.!”
“What might have it??Nothing!”
“Do you discuss 啥?,Can you say me?!”
Sunshamia puts down the tub,Laughing, watching http://www.sztcpzcwvrssxx.cn two people,
“Bother~My old man can still remember to pour the water today.!Old forest,You can grow up.!He can never remember this!”
“That is really long face.!I am coming to ask how much is you?,I have been selling before I am selling.!”
The grandfather of Lin, who harvested a few surprised eyes, some proud,I really have the ability.。I have repeated it again and again.,Moistening,Listening is smoother than the first pass。Niu Niu listened to the side。
“We have a lot of,This will give you!”
“That feeling.!Still,Big scorpion,I put it to your money at home.,I will send you back, you can’t see it.?”
“This is not a line,Put it there?,I am relieved.!”
“Osmanthus fragrans,You and the old couple have taken it out to the forest.!”
When these days have nothing, the three people will work together.,True http://www.ctigaojie.cn craftsmanship,It’s more exquisite to do.。Even Lie Lin does not understand the daughter’s family, I can’t help but sigh.,
“The more you do it, the better, the better.!I will not sell it.!”
“This is not willing,We can do it all the time.!correct,You make your family daughter-in-law also pick a few with belt,I estimate that they love this old.!”
“That’s thank you.,They will also say that this thing is exquisite.,Look at it?!”
“nice! You love it,Pick a few more,Unscrupulous!”
“You don’t say it.,I have to have a few,Waiting for my family to add a little granddaughter.,I also gave her!Looking at the Niu Niu, the baby is so embarrassed.,I will itch.!”
“You are welcome.,I am afraid that you are polite.!”
Let’s let the grandfather hit a pile of flowers and joy.,Looking at it is more excited than little girl。Grandpa Su has sent him outside the hospital.,Only back the hands and leisurely go back。
“grandfather,You secretly bought wine!”
Niu Niuzhao stared at Su Grandpa on the door,Grande, Grande, instantly panic,I hurriedly grabbed the mouth of Niu Niu,I looked for a week in the courtyard.。
“Milk enters the house.,Not see!”
Niu Niu Kaikai’s grandfather,Stubborn。
“Grandpa will promise not to drink alcohol,How can I buy wine?!”
“You don’t tell the truth,I will tell the milk.!”
“呦 喂,Grandpa’s 乖妞 girl!Can you say this?,Said your milk and I have to train me.!”
“You haven’t bought it??I am afraid that I will tell.!”