“Is such that,Would like to ask,Do you recognize the friends who do stocks in Hong Kong??”Jiang Feng added:“It is best to have friends who have experience in foreign exchange futures!” “Friends who do stocks must know,My brother-in-law is Xiangjiang’s stockbroker!But I remember meeting you during the Chinese New Year,Should beRead More →

Her words fell off,All the people sitting in an uproar,stunned,Everyone is full of unbelievable,The old man in this wheelchair can’t open his eyes,Can’t breathe,You can even eat meat, drink, and fish?Isn’t this a fantasy! ———— First0636Chapter Diagnosis “I know the big guys don’t believe it,If I hadn’t seen it,I wouldRead More →

Smiled,Su Mo removed the subject,“Don’t worry about me,Xiaohuan’s face must be given……In addition,Xu Ping owes Xiao Huan a favor,She must go。I’ll find some old friends for you,No less than Brother Yuan。” Let go of your mind,Wang Zhen’s gratitude:“Thank you brother Mo!” “no need to thank me,You have found the rightRead More →

“No regrets,Because i met you,Since I have all gone this way, I won’t regret it。In the army,I found another myself,I feel strange to myself。Xiaoling,Actually, I knew you were born into a military family,Your grandpa is the president of this hospital!” “what!”She was surprised,“When did you know?” “It should be whenRead More →

“I don’t ask。” Chen Hao shook his head,Of course she knew she really asked,Then everyone’s answer is definitely“It makes sense”,She won’t fall into such a simple pit。 “You ask and try。” Qin Liang said happily。 “cut。” Chen Hao expressed his disdain,Then I stopped watching Qin Liang,She was worried that sheRead More →

“thank you!” Huang Wenjie looks at the swallow,After a long time,I said three words with red eyes。What else,It is more exciting than the encouragement and recognition from comrades in arms,Passionate!This moment,Huang Wenjie feels like he is back twenty years ago,Back to my familiar barracks,I saw the side flying high aboveRead More →

Shu Qing recognized at a glance,The man in the shorts and vest with white strips is not someone else,It is her sweetheart Peng Changyi。 She is anxious,My heart says you don’t want to die,Wear so little,It’s still raining,Why don’t you wear a raincoat? The TV camera quickly switched elsewhere,They continueRead More →

The three little girls clinked glasses seriously,Then I took a sip of red wine like a little lady,Shen Ruoxi and others all laughed。 In fact, Meizi and Yang Shiyun have drunk red wine together many times,The master and apprentice used to work under pressure,When the body is exhausted,They will alsoRead More →

The policeman answered。 The whole office was quiet for a moment,Everyone looked at Yang Shiyun。 Yang Shiyun raised his head in surprise,Just ask;“My boyfriend?My boyfriend?” “Do you have a second boyfriend besides me?” As the voice fell,The handsome and handsome Qin Liang appeared in the office。 “you!why you?How did youRead More →