“Taronikus,Go check these two big guys。Sagunar,You also help。” Order your chief technical adviser and deputy to check,Kael’thas turned to ask the dwarf guide。 “What are the names of these two guys?” “amount,Let me find it。” The dwarf quickly flipped through his father’s notes。 “With,The longer arm on the left isRead More →

First340chapter I play preseason?!(Four shifts) along with10Coming of month,Shen Huan felt a lot easier at once。 Now he has two most important things every day,One is to continue to discuss with mathematics professors“Shen Huan guess”,The other is to be your own make-up teacher。 “Shen Huan guess”Till now,To Shen Huan“Shen HuanRead More →

“Just,Big brother,You are now invincible of the same level。” “Among the heavens,You are number one,No one dares to say second。” “Who dares to die??” The woman standing next to Big Brother Nan Douzong,Also flattered。 of course,Besides flattering,In the eyes,With a look that I like。 “Brother,This sword,Do we still want?” Brother,ItRead More →

Someone made these edits into a short film,Posted online,I don’t know how many people cry。</p> ps:Seeking collection Seeking recommendation</p> Seek reward and support</p> One thing that is important to ask for a monthly pass The author created a group,Welcome everyone to join the group。</p> Cute new owner inside,Old driver,Mensao peopleRead More →

Communicated for almost two hours,Until Liu Xin’s mood stabilizes,Just ended this psychological consultation。 Ban Lu helped Liu Xin out of the doctor’s office。 “You sit down,I’ll get medicine。”Lu Ban said with a smile,He tried to make his tone more calm。 Liu Xin’s hand tightened suddenly,Then slowly release。 Lu Ban knows,LiuRead More →

Just dare to stand in front of him,Xu Xuan dared to go on a rampage! Iran is the most aggressive team in Asia,A lot of small moves in the game。 And they are physically strong,Including guards,The Qianqian gentlemen of the Chinese team often suffer a big loss when they meetRead More →

Just then grandma exclaimed:“This is Hu Lai’s!” Blocked the mouths of all those who were not reconciled。 After Hu Lai’s face disappeared,The program trailer was played on the screen,Said a vigorous baritone who is very familiar with the people of Anton Jincheng:“Hu Lai:Pursue dreams,It’s never too late!Stay tuned for theRead More →

Jiang Fan said:“It’s not a dance competition,Just participate,If you dance better than the new couple, you will be out of control。” Ding Yi smiled,Heart said the mayor is tolerant,Will always get maximum tolerance from him。 So Jiang Fan took Ding Yi’s hand,Dancing slowly。This is a beautifully stretched waltz。Everyone is dancingRead More →

“Row!” Qiao Yun got cheap,Very comfortable now。 On the way back,Qiao Yun kept asking Fang Yu about the tumor。 Fang Yu didn’t say much,It’s just that the type of tumor is different,Need specific analysis。It’s not as simple as Qiao Yun thought! Don’t know,Fang Yu had already undergone various operations。 IRead More →

If he cleans up the Ling Mofeng in his own home,I’m afraid the furniture in the living room will suffer along with Ling Mofeng,So he has been patient and didn’t do anything。 Ling Mofeng stood up,Walked out with a face,Qin Liang went out with him behind him,Shen Ruoxi and ShenRead More →