Shen Huan’s experience and experience are not as good as Bu Yiyi’s,Naturally it is easy to be suppressed by her。 Both are good friends,There is something in the legendxAmbiguous relationship,So there is no competition,But behaved very well,Laugh and play in the TV series,Very interesting。 Don’t you say,Zhou Pu watched theRead More →

“I like this song very very very much myself,Originally they suggested that I only release it on the following single,But i don’t,I’ll sing it to you right here。”Su Mo raised his hand and pointed forward,“Xiaohuan,Come listen to my hard work these days。” He doesn’t know where Shen Huan is,The ticketsRead More →

suddenly,Yan Mo seems to have thought of something,Get up quickly,Back to my room。 There is no magical laughter from Yan Mo,Shen Siyan seems a little uncomfortable,Closed the file slowly,Walk towards the master bedroom。He leaned at the door,Asked:“what are you doing?” Yan Mo continued without looking back,“Oh,I just remembered,I’m going toRead More →

If not for this round of conference finals,Xu Xuan and James are so brilliant,Irving should also be another spotlight,But now his light is covered by these two people。 84ratio88,The Cavaliers got the points back,4Minute。 Pacers’ baseline ball came out。 frontcourt。 Xu Xuan is still holding the ball。 time is limited,TheRead More →

The third quarter of Pickle has been hit now,Playing time has already exceeded usual,He can play for a long time? How long can his body last? Once the pickled peppers are over,,The two cores of the Pacers are not there yet is not to let them kill? what! Really aRead More →

Swallow is so jealous!Uncontrollable rhythm。 “Then go find him and make trouble,Ha ha。” Qin Liang deliberately sent Yanzi to the army。 “I asked him to make some wool!I’m also Shen’s sister now,Why should I go to him to make trouble?!” Okay,Swallow is not stupid yet,She also knew that she hadRead More →

Dad was also relieved,Say:“This is,The girl upstairs,Her mother said it’s been eight months,I think it’s about the same as Xiaoding。” Jiang Fan smiled,Said:“father,I am one for eight months,Your family is two,Of course the belly will be big。” “Ha ha。”Dad smiled,He can’t say anything。 Finished eating,Jiang Fan took Ding Yi out,JiangRead More →

“Why don’t you guys speak?” Qiangzi quietly asked Li Qiaoer。 “sleepy……” Li Qiao’er answered more quietly。 “Oh。” Qiangzi can only agree with that,I can’t say anything else,Although he rarely spends time with Shen’s sister,But some things are easy to understand,Of course he knows that Li Qiaoer and the three ofRead More →

【I’m already squatting under the lemon tree,Come come,There are many places】 【What lemon tree is squatting?,Let’s grow lemons together!!】 【God is so unfair!!Give wealth and return beauty,Let me wait for ordinary people to live!!】 【Don’t say anything else,Did you find out the grandson’s Weibo??】 【None of the relevant people’s revelations,EuclidRead More →