If you overturn other girls’ vinegar jars,I’m afraid it will be difficult to get out of this door completely today。 He only turned the topic to other aspects,For example, I talked about an interesting story when I played basketball in the United States,This has successfully diverted everyone’s attention。 They oftenRead More →

“Why do you write so awkwardly?” “How could you not say a word,Can attract each other?” “So silly,This square tree!Got hurt after only a few steps,What a fool!” “Ok……Tragedy is not good!Shen Huan,You modify the ending!Write that the man tree was rescued,Just lost my memory,But it recovered after a fewRead More →

“How about you?” I heard Lin Chengwei,Li Tianfei turned his head and looked at Xie Lang,Anger。 “Sorry,I shouldn’t mock you!” Snapped!This word just fell,I felt a burning pain in my face。 “Poor title? Restarted!” Nima’s!Don’t push me to the bottom if you want to die? This is simply evil、Plague,Can’t offendRead More →

Mo Xiaosheng with his hands behind his back,Smiled indifferently,“We meet for the first time!” “See you for the first time?!” The old man with white temples is even more puzzled,Puzzled,“Why did I pay so much money to save him the first time I saw you?” “Because i admire him!” MoRead More →

Besides, facing this sword at this time,Just eleven-year-old Nie Feng! Sword net like rainbow,A sharp sword can break gold。Cut all the land around Nie Feng to pieces,Sand and gravel fly around in an instant,Jian Wang is like a horse,Tuantuan tightly put Nie Feng in it。 “A good move!”Even Li ChenfengRead More →

Blackened Instant Fire enters the second form of Super Saiyan mode,Lightning appeared around his body,Chakra appeared in the form of jets around the blackened instantaneous fire。 “This mode again.” Looking at the blackened instant fire in front of me,The strong sense of oppression made Sasuke take a step back subconsciously,ButRead More →

Feng Yang pulled the sleeve of Ou Baobao,You almost got it。 Ou Zhaozhao laughed out loud。 Finally Jiang Fan had to save half of the purified water,Hope this half of the water,Can be used as a field。 Baby Ou looked coldly,“so,My uncle will do the research by himself,Let our companyRead More →

Peng Changyi used to take out the key,Just wanted to open the door with the key,Thought for a while,But put the key in the handbag,But raise the hand,Knocked gently on the door,He wants to enjoy the knocking process,This process makes a middle-aged man feel at ease and not lonely,Because thereRead More →

Qin Liang’s voice is too soft,But these three words are too heavy,Fell into Yinyan’s ears,She was almost out of breath。 Yinyan cried,Tears flowing from the corners of the eyes,Wet Qin Liang’s shirt。 “why?Teacher Mingming likes me too。”Yinyan dare not look up,She dare not look into Qin Liang’s eyes,I’m afraid toRead More →