“Hinata!”Seeing Hinata lying on the ground,Naruto ran over and picked her up,“Are you OK,Hinata!” “Naruto.”It seems to have reacted to Naruto’s voice,The fainted Hinata opened his eyes slightly,Looking at the familiar and reliable Naruto,Subconsciously grasping Naruto’s clothes,“Naruto,sunflower.The sunflower was taken away。” “what?!Hinata,Do you know who it is?” “Yes.Grey Wolf.” “GreyRead More →

The crowd of Chinese medicine practitioners were suddenly surprised,Unexpectedly, the three well-known doctors in the TCM circle actually stood up against Wan Shi。 “Dou Lao,you guys……” Shi Hao suddenly became anxious,Asked hurriedly,“Wan Lao is an imperial doctor who treats several big men in the capital,Why do you disagree?” “Why?Because hisRead More →

If there is a solution that has the best of both worlds,That’s naturally better。 But if you do,It will definitely put a lot of pressure on Lynn,It makes her feel very sorry。 So even if my heart beats,She is still very hesitant。 “That’s great!You really deserve to be Lin!Really amazing!”Read More →

“Hahahaha,Recently, a lot of media has promoted you and your teammates,Hit the rookie wall,What do you think of this。”SEG laughed,Then asked a somewhat sharp question。 “Rookie Wall,This kind of thing is for me and my teammates,Does not exist。This game,I will prove it to you。” “WOW!It seems that Kobe is veryRead More →

As soon as they came up, they attacked Wang Dang’s vitals.,The sword swept through the air and brought a gust of wind,Wang beware,A sharp knife that sidestepped Xiaolou Chunyu,But I was toasted to dissipate my sorrow and struck a sword in my throat。 Critical strike! -612 what. So low damageRead More →

“I will do the rest for you……It was almost there just now!” Fang Yu supported her,Let her rest。 Less than a minute。 Completed the rest of the tendon repair。 “So fast?” Doctor Zhang after the operation,Saw Fang Yu coming。 Somewhat at a loss。 “Just the last point……Mainly you do it!”Read More →

These two people are really……The Liu brothers are desperate,They exchanged time。 Ps:Book friends,I am Thor Giant,Recommend a freeApp,Support download、Listen to books、Zero advertising、Multiple reading modes。Please pay attention()Book friends hurry up and pay attention! ———— Chapter nine hundred and ninety four meet again ? .org,The fastest update of the latest chapter ofRead More →

Qin Liang smiled bitterly and told the princesses who were sitting on the floor,Once back to the camp,These six big girls and little girls can’t hold on,Almost immediately threw himself to the ground,I even took the gun off my body and threw it on the grass.…… “We are not defeated,WeRead More →