“It’s ok,Naturally someone will pay me!”Mo Xiaosheng smiled and patted him on the shoulder,Went straight out。 “I will send you a car!”The fat policeman quickly followed。 Mo Xiaosheng waved his hand and refused,Said he could just take a taxi,Let the fat police officer take the police to Moxin Medical CenterRead More →

…… The monthly pass passed yesterday400Multiple votes,Then add another chapter next week,I haven’t forgotten it。 By the way, begging to subscribe,Than heart~~~ () ———— First325chapter Open source,juvenile! damn thing! I really tried you out after a try! Good master!? Ha ha。 Shen Huan is concerned about this broken system,I compareRead More →

President Dogen called,“Is this arranged by you?This ad is really amazing!” “Not arranged,It’s probably because of Shen Huan’s temporary intention。”Vatnad has no greed,“This is more interesting than deliberate advertising,More natural and warm!” “Correct,It’s so good!”Dagen couldn’t help but admire,“Shen Huan not only saved us at least tens of millions ofRead More →

“Yilin,what happened?” Mo Xiaosheng turned his head and asked curiously。 “Look at his hand,Is a symptom of a rash!” Luo Yilin pointed to the soldier’s wrist。 Mo Xiaosheng took a closer look,I found that the soldier’s wrist and hands did form a thin layer of lumps,Showing a faint light red,IfRead More →

“what?Get used to it?If i get used to this,I……” Chu Xiaoqiang won’t wait for him to finish,Just said:“Yes,Have a habit of everything,No matter east or west,Reasonable。” “You invented this sentence?”Ai Qing asked。 “The inventor is far away,Close at hand。”Chu Xiaoqiang pointed at Peng Changyi。 Peng Changyi smiled,Reach out to signalRead More →

“I’m okay。” Ps:Book friends,I am Thor Giant,Recommend a freeApp,Support download、Listen to books、Zero advertising、Multiple reading modes。Please pay attention()Book friends hurry up and pay attention! ———— Chapter Five Hundred and Fifty Three Rescue mission ? .org,The fastest update of the latest chapter of the special forces king of the beautiful president! RescueRead More →

“Then you know,Wang Chen doesn’t have me in his heart。Do you want me to marry a man who doesn’t love me?There is no happiness in such a life。” “But do you have another choice?You are my daughter,Even if Wang Chen doesn’t like you now,You should also work hard,Let him fallRead More →