[How to make scallop egg fried rice]_Home made scallop egg fried rice_How to make scallop egg fried rice_How to make scallop egg fried rice People’s living conditions are better, and they are beginning to pay attention to health. However, many people have a huge misunderstanding about health, and health isRead More →

[How to make matcha red bean oatmeal]_The common practice of matcha red bean oatmeal _Matcha red bean oatmeal practice Daquan_how to make matcha red bean oatmeal We like to call him “food”. Of course, food is loyal to food. Many food enthusiasts enjoy eating and praise the people who makeRead More →

TD Optics (002632) 2019 Third Quarterly Report Review: Deducting Non-Performance, Maintaining Distortion, Expecting Product Structure to Twist Core point of view The company’s traditional business has entered a development period, and the third quarter results have changed slightly. The main focus is on the new business promotion process: the aluminumRead More →

Chint Electric (601877) Interim Review: Steady growth of low-voltage electrical business attempts to take it to the next level The company released the semi-annual report for 2019: In the first half of 2019, the company’s revenue was attributed to net profit, and after deducting non-return, net profit increased by 21Read More →

Bloody Pumpkin Pumpkin has more nutritional ingredients and higher nutritional value. The content of vitamin C and glucose in young pumpkin is richer than that of old pumpkin. Old pumpkins are high in calcium, iron, and carotene. These are more favorable for retinal vascular disease. Traditional Chinese medicine believes thatRead More →

Nutritional value of glutinous rice Glutinous rice is the most traditional food for the occasion. Laba porridge, Babao rice, rice cakes . In addition to the fragrant fresh glutinous rice house, which contains auspicious meaning of a year’s harvest, glutinous rice also has a gentle tonic effect such as qiRead More →

A few bucks homemade mask makes skin smoother _1 Don’t believe it! A few bucks homemade mask makes skin smoother Although it is a member of the computer family, the skin care of women in the computer family cannot be lazy. Xiao Bian took out the baby at the bottomRead More →