[110,000 Japanese women marry Chinese after World War II] In August 1945, the destruction of the Northeast by the Soviet Red Army forces defeated the Japanese Kanto Army. At this time, Tohoku, farms, businesses, life, logistics, schools, and so on, are full of Japanese people who are dying. According toRead More →

AVIC Shen Fei (600760) incident review: Turbofan-19 completed verification to help J-31 ship Event: Recently, turbofan-19 has completed ground verification, creating the shortest record of a series of aero engine development time. After officially serving, the turbofan-19 will be equipped with the J-31, and the dual-engine configuration will change theRead More →

Guide children to budget for depression Recognizing the stress in your child’s life, patiently analyzing and solving these problems with them is necessary for every parent. Of course, you can’t solve all the problems in children’s lives, but you can provide advice for children to help them grow into happyRead More →

Excellent treatment of endless lotion I bought a set of skin care products, and finally I could n’t run out of lotion and piled up my desk. I believe that many friends will have such problems. What should I do?   Beauty tips: First, the amount of skin care products usuallyRead More →