Shen Zhiyu said:“Shanshan,do not worry,I will help you stare at him。Will never let him go crazy。” Lu Shanshan has red eyes suddenly,Whisper:“Woo woo,It’s hard to get 2nd brother to accept me,I didn’t expect my sister would not accept me,what can I do,I’m so sick now,Don’t talk about paying off theRead More →

Lu Shanshan also relaxes herself,Try to make some natural movements。 The photographer frowned slightly after taking the photo,He whispered to the reporter:“Always feel different from before。” Reporter asked:“Is it fat??” Photographer shaking his head:“No,Still beautiful in front of the camera,But it lacks a feeling。you know too,The most special thing aboutRead More →

Ma Wuxin immediately exploded,“How come there?” “Shen Huan, your luck is too good!”Yuan Pinggui couldn’t help being surprised。 As a result, the voice of the two fell,Shen Huan reached into the backpack again。 In everyone’s expectant eyes,Shen Huan took out a piece of jade again,But this time it is lightRead More →

Lakers’ offense missed,The focus of the audience was once again on the second confrontation between Stockton and Ben Wallace.。 Stockton’s dribble is not exaggerated,Physical fitness does not explode,How did he play in this era50%The hit rate of?It relies on the best combination of man and ball,The basketball is like aRead More →

Xiao Xu smiled too,He said:“Ancient you Zhaojun,Xiaoding is out today。You are on the same road。” Ding Yi smiled,Said:“wrong,I’m not on the same road as her,Although we are all from the country,But she came from Chang’an,I came from Beijing,Not the same way at all。” Xiao Xu said seriously:“Why not the sameRead More →

She didn’t even look at Ye Tianzong,Turn around and come to Mrs. Yang,Calmly:“grandmother,Candidates are over,can I go now?” Stay here,Just shame。 She just wants to escape here now,Find a place,Cry bitterly。 “go?” “What anxious,Shao Wang’s people haven’t come yet。” Old lady Yang took Ren Yurou’s hand,Speaking earnestly: “not to mention,SinceRead More →

Wang Jiadong is used to calling Dr. Mei Da Mei(da)husband。 Fan Wenliang hurriedly stopped,Said:“It’s easy to eat meat,I have to consciously abide by discipline if the leader is not there。” Jiang Fan said:“You are not fat,Multi-standard figure,If we reach your age,Can maintain such a perfect figure,Enough。” Fan Wenliang said:“My height,IfRead More →

Feifei Sun is deliberately looking for something to do,Otherwise she doesn’t know what to say to Qin Liang now。 Qin Liang went to court and turned on the TV,Throw the remote control to Feifei Sun,Then sit back to Sun Feifei。 “You blocked me from watching TV,Sit there。” Sun Feifei reachedRead More →

“Oh,You talked to him?”Wang Jiadong feels that Peng Changyi is indeed very careful at work。 “Yes,I said what I meant,If you let him be a development zone now,I’m afraid it’s not a good thing for him,Really,This is not an attitude of paying responsibility to a cadre,after all,He’s still a littleRead More →