Guide children to budget for depression Recognizing the stress in your child’s life, patiently analyzing and solving these problems with them is necessary for every parent. Of course, you can’t solve all the problems in children’s lives, but you can provide advice for children to help them grow into happyRead More →

Excellent treatment of endless lotion I bought a set of skin care products, and finally I could n’t run out of lotion and piled up my desk. I believe that many friends will have such problems. What should I do?   Beauty tips: First, the amount of skin care products usuallyRead More →

Six medicine therapy for cough and phlegm Chinese medicine believes that cough is a common symptom of pulmonary (respiratory) diseases. The causes of cough are internal and external, and the treatment is different. Therefore, the first step in treating cough is to distinguish between exogenous cough and internal injury cough.Read More →

Avoid wasteful skincare alternatives MMs will always have such annoyances: they ca n’t help tempting to buy a lot of skincare products home, but they ca n’t use up anymore. In the end, they are wasted and sad. In fact, there are quite a lot of similarities between the ingredientsRead More →

Medicated Diet for Old Friends In addition to the active treatment of osteoporosis patients, they can also be supplemented with medicated soup.   Carp soup 1 live carp, remove scales, gills and offal, add minced shallot, ginger, cooking wine and salt, marinate for a while, add water to cook until theRead More →

4-12 months baby’s supplementary food intake How should babies at different growth stages eat complementary foods? This is a common-sense question that many moms are eager to know, and here is the answer you want: Nutritionists point out that when parents give complementary foods to babies at different stages ofRead More →

锘? Children and children are not simply giving alimony When people are old, their feelings are particularly fragile. Many elderly people have low requirements for material life, but they value spiritual life. They always hope to have a partner to carry out spiritual exchanges. In particular, the Chinese people’s deep-rootedRead More →

锘? Summer health diet should be clear and drink plenty of water As the temperature rises in summer, the body will have many shortcomings, plus more mosquitoes, which will be more uncomfortable this season. Everyone knows that there are three defenses in the summer: heatstroke prevention, sun protection, anti-mosquito, thenRead More →