These Ming girls,Lecture by bus,To the dormitory area,There will be a practice room,playground,Everything from the restaurant。</p> And these mentors,Also need to follow,But they ride in the director’s car。</p> A total of twosuv,Three people in a car,Su Luo and Mei Qi,And Huahua three people ride in a car。</p> Training location forRead More →

Passing Roberson is a deterrent,Passing is choice! Two big vacancies,No pass,Isn’t it alone。 Xu Xuan doesn’t want to be an independent husband! Russell receives the ball,Oladipo is very hard,Turn around instantly,Russell passed to Randall,Mid-range small throw—— Bang! Missed。 It’s a pity this ball。 Large opportunities。 Rebound by the sea.Westbrook protects,AquamanRead More →

“Lin Shao,I know what to do。” Lord of the Chen Family,Hear this,Respectfully answer。 “Ok!” “In this case,Let’s talk about the rest in the room。” Finished saying this,Lin Yugang wants to go,At this moment,I think of my classmates again。 Turned to look over,Open road:“You go back to work first,rest assured,The ChenRead More →

Lin Yun nodded,Said。 Outside the New Century Group。 The brand of the building has been replaced with a brand new one“New Century Group” however,Xia Xu and Lin Jiang didn’t seem to notice this。 “Mr. Xia,This contract was signed between us and Lin Yun,Really can’t change it。” A company manager isRead More →

Chapter three thousand seven hundred and sixty one why me And at the same time everyone knows,The little girl who bravely risked her life to get under the collapsed viaduct to save people,She’s still Murongshan’s daughter! There are many employees of Ouya Group among those who watch TV,They only foundRead More →

Xia Chenglong is finally qualified to ask God,Ask where is the way to heaven? Come out from the library,The aura of this man has changed drastically,The first thing he did was to go to the wild Daze,To do something that should be done。 On an old altar,There are many thingsRead More →

“know,But no way。” “Instruct the fire department,Step-by-step response。In addition, report to the city bureau as soon as possible。You will always remember,The rectification notice cannot be turned into waste paper,If it becomes waste paper,Then it may cause a blood accident,You have to take off your clothes。You let the fire truck beRead More →

“Why not,Watching the material?” “Don’t talk nonsense,How rude to let people hear!” “Ha ha,rest assured,I’m calling in the studio,I can’t hear any loud sounds outside,We are a studio equipped with professional soundproof materials。” “All right,Don’t show off your poor TV expertise,After reading,You follow along。” “How does it work?I’m not going。”Read More →