“Why not,Watching the material?” “Don’t talk nonsense,How rude to let people hear!” “Ha ha,rest assured,I’m calling in the studio,I can’t hear any loud sounds outside,We are a studio equipped with professional soundproof materials。” “All right,Don’t show off your poor TV expertise,After reading,You follow along。” “How does it work?I’m not going。”Read More →

Qin Liang said unabashedly。 “Hahahaha……” Shen Ruoxue and Liu Xiaoyun were all amused immediately。 “What’s ridiculous?I’ll be honest with you,Then you two laughed at me?Then I won’t talk to you two next time。” Qin Liang said awkwardly。 “do not,We didn’t laugh at you,Both of us think what you said isRead More →

(. = Miao Shu Zhai) Miao Shu Zhai ———— One thousand two hundred and forty eight chapters Where is it ? .org,The fastest update of the latest chapter of the special forces king of the beautiful president! Xiao Yaoer suddenly raised his fist,Hit the man’s temple very hard,Then another kick,KickRead More →

Small sample,Sheng Zegang, who didn’t want to hide anything, smiled:“the answer is:Principal Zhang’s Youngest Son Invincible Standard Answer。” Principal Zhang’s youngest son’s invincible standard answer to the elders?what is that?Thought for a moment,Fang Yourong sideways:“‘Grow up to be a scientist?’Is a scientist!” Sheng Zegang acquiesced in the correctness of thisRead More →

Precautions for making coffee]_How to do_How to do [How to make coffee more mellow? Precautions for making coffee]_How to do_How to do I believe that everyone often has the habit of drinking coffee. When drinking coffee, you must prepare a good bag of ground coffee or buy coffee beans toRead More →

Beidahuang (600598): Land contracting advantages are solid, shortening losses and reducing losses still need to be promoted 19 to 1Q3 return to both ends of the mother’s net profit -0. 13%, performance in line with expectations 3Q19 performance: company 1? 3Q19 revenue 24. 300,000 yuan, at least -5. 28%; netRead More →