Head,Look towards Luo Fei,Open road。 “Master,I know。” Luo Fei,Be an honest person。 As long as the master speaks,Obey all orders。 Heard what the master said,Although Luo Fei knows,This time fighting for figs,There will be a lot of fights,and,Life threatening,But still agreed。 “Ok,Then you go and inform some other juniors。” “WhereRead More →

He took the suitcase and put it in the trunk,Exaggerated way:“You are going to travel for two days,I want to move the house over!” Zhong Manxia Road:“Don’t say so much,Don’t you go camping with a tent??Let’s not waste time,Hurry up and go shopping!” I smiled and pointed to the suitcaseRead More →

Following the killing god Baiqi yelled a few words,Huang Lei is not convenient to say something else。 How to say,They also called him Huang Lei brother by mouth,If you do something that affects your reputation at this time,Obviously not so good。 “correct,Brother Huang Lei,My paper and7day,7You have to kick himRead More →

Played an advantage,To chase after victory,Defeat your opponent in one fell swoop。 but,stable? Not Xu Xuan’s choice! then,Section Two,The Chinese team under the leadership of Xu Xuan,The offensive is getting fiercer。 Play well,Xu Xuan is not the sole husband。 Find an opportunity here,Decisively passed Yi Jian a ball。 “Xu XuanRead More →

Xie Yun’s eyes flashed,Finally speak,“Don’t worry about it。”I’ll leave immediately after speaking。 Yuze looked at Xie Yun’s back in silence for a while,Just go back。 When Si Guangnian came back,Baby Ou is about to tell mom and brother what he heard from Xiaoyun,Xie’s big dog gossip。 But Si Guangnian gotRead More →

Popularize the crystal core,What appeared in the body of the beast,That is the origin of a spirit beast,Good value,Can be used to measure the type of spirit beast,grade,Widely used in alchemy and other aspects! Seemingly simple assessment,In fact, there are a lot of things to examine,Although the spirit beasts hereRead More →

Yanzi continued without compromise。 “Sister Yanzi……” Liu Xiaoyun wants to plead for Shen Ruoxue。 “Liu Xiaoyun,Now in training,If you want to plead for Shen Ruoxue,You can do 300 push-ups with her!” Yanzi didn’t even look at Liu Xiaoyun,Say coldly。 “Xiaoyun,Don’t talk,I’ll be fined by myself,I don’t want to trouble you!”Read More →

“Can you chat?If you talk to me like this,I’ll send you upstairs, believe it or not?Before the tigress left,Let me first let you feel what it’s like to be besieged by a group of tigresses。” Qin Liang deliberately darkened his face and said。 “Don’t don’t,I’m afraid of you, can’t you??IRead More →

“day,I am going bankrupt,Let’s discuss,Can i buy three,I know you can’t eat six in one meal。” Ding Yi is in a hurry,Said:“Do not,I can eat!If you think too much, buy one less。” Jiang Fan smiled:“There is no difference between five and six,Why don’t i care about you,Come,Waiter,Loading crab。” Ding YiRead More →