Ten small recipes to relieve your baby’s cold [Guide]Babies don’t like to take injections and medicine after a cold. We still have other ways to prevent and alleviate the symptoms. When another cold-prone season comes, you can try these small recipes for your baby.   1. Soak your feet in hotRead More →

Medicinal food Chinese medicine believes that eggplants are smooth and bitter, and have effects such as scattered blood stasis, swelling and pain relief, treatment of cold and heat, Qufeng Tongluo and hemostatic. A lot of experience has been handed down in the past, such as: internal hemorrhoids or bleeding inRead More →

Asparagus Health Recipe Tianmen Radish Soup Materials: 15 grams of asparagus, 300 grams of radishes, 150 grams of ham, 5 grams of shallots, 3 grams of salt, 1 gram of MSG and pepper, 500 milliliters of chicken broth.   Method: Cut Asparagus into 2? 3 mm slices, about 2 cups ofRead More →

Complementary Nutrients in Cereals and Yams The World Health Organization surveyed people in all longevity regions of the world and found that they have three characteristics: omnivores, laborers, and optimists, and the first point of which is “omnivorous food” means that food must be “miscellaneous” and “diverse”.   The diet isRead More →

Sing lullabies to baby Young mothers often love to sing beautiful and lullaby to coax their baby to sleep, but because adults do n’t know enough about the nature of lullaby, the following situations often occur: 1. The time and occasion are not chosen properly. When the baby is playingRead More →

Hot yoga keeps you hot Hot yoga is also hot yoga, which is one of the popular body-building methods. Hot yoga has the benefits of weight loss, and it is a sculpting method adopted by too many people.   Nowadays, the most popular body shaping method is the hot yoga thatRead More →

4-12 months baby’s supplementary food intake How should babies at different growth stages eat complementary foods? This is a common-sense question that many moms are eager to know, and here is the answer you want: Nutritionists point out that when parents give complementary foods to babies at different stages ofRead More →

Little coarse grain sexy busty big skill Coarse grains help women become plump and sexy coarse grains. In recent years, they have been very popular in people’s diets. Everyone knows that coarse grains are rich in nutrients and multivitamins, which can supplement various nutrients that the body needs. There isRead More →