Spring March meridian block acupuncture points Spring March (Lunar New Year, Second, March) is the time when everything is germinated, and it is also a good opportunity to nurse the body’s five internal organs. Spring is a wood in the five elements, and the liver in the five internal organsRead More →

Guide children to budget for depression Recognizing the stress in your child’s life, patiently analyzing and solving these problems with them is necessary for every parent. Of course, you can’t solve all the problems in children’s lives, but you can provide advice for children to help them grow into happyRead More →

The child has a bad appetite. Who is making trouble? Some children suffer from poor appetite, partial eclipse, or even anorexia, and some even cause physical development to fail to reach normal symptoms, and their intellectual development is also affected, thus making their parents very distressed. Now let ‘s analyzeRead More →

Men’s psychoanalysis in love First, absolute self-psychology.   This man regards whether the lover he is looking for is beneficial to his “future” as the only unbreakable condition. He asked his girlfriend to show the “advantage” from time to time and bring him some benefits. Once his expectations are not metRead More →

Bloody Pumpkin Pumpkin has more nutritional ingredients and higher nutritional value. The content of vitamin C and glucose in young pumpkin is richer than that of old pumpkin. Old pumpkins are high in calcium, iron, and carotene. These are more favorable for retinal vascular disease. Traditional Chinese medicine believes thatRead More →

Nutritional value of glutinous rice Glutinous rice is the most traditional food for the occasion. Laba porridge, Babao rice, rice cakes . In addition to the fragrant fresh glutinous rice house, which contains auspicious meaning of a year’s harvest, glutinous rice also has a gentle tonic effect such as qiRead More →

Comprehensive analysis of soybean nutrition The 2007 edition of the “Guide to Chinese Residents ‘Substitute” compiled by the Chinese Nutrition Society once again raised the nature of Chinese residents’ regular intake of soybean food. The third article of the guidelines requires “to eat milk and soybean meal products every day”,Read More →

Relaxation rests you back to nature First, the nature of relaxation and posture relaxation is not excessive in any way, they are performed before the yoga posture phase and at any time of physical fatigue to concentrate strength. People often think that they are completely relaxed and that tension isRead More →

Don’t do the dirtiest things in life Everyone in life has their own habits, no matter good habits or bad habits, although we can’t say that you can change your bad habits, but the six dirty things in life below are still pretty good.simple. Learn together and make us cleaner.Read More →