Qin Liang said unabashedly。 “Hahahaha……” Shen Ruoxue and Liu Xiaoyun were all amused immediately。 “What’s ridiculous?I’ll be honest with you,Then you two laughed at me?Then I won’t talk to you two next time。” Qin Liang said awkwardly。 “do not,We didn’t laugh at you,Both of us think what you said isRead More →

“Can you chat?If you talk to me like this,I’ll send you upstairs, believe it or not?Before the tigress left,Let me first let you feel what it’s like to be besieged by a group of tigresses。” Qin Liang deliberately darkened his face and said。 “Don’t don’t,I’m afraid of you, can’t you??IRead More →

“Then you know,Wang Chen doesn’t have me in his heart。Do you want me to marry a man who doesn’t love me?There is no happiness in such a life。” “But do you have another choice?You are my daughter,Even if Wang Chen doesn’t like you now,You should also work hard,Let him fallRead More →

【I’m already squatting under the lemon tree,Come come,There are many places】 【What lemon tree is squatting?,Let’s grow lemons together!!】 【God is so unfair!!Give wealth and return beauty,Let me wait for ordinary people to live!!】 【Don’t say anything else,Did you find out the grandson’s Weibo??】 【None of the relevant people’s revelations,EuclidRead More →

Ding Yi dropped the phone,Ran to the bathroom immediately,Put a finger to the throat,Dig twice,Immediately,The crab just eaten spit out…… After vomiting for a while,Ding Yi Xie Xie,Then pick your throat again,Vomiting again,Until she thinks she spit out the crab,She straightened up,Gargle,Touched his stomach and said:“You little guy,I really don’tRead More →

The policeman answered。 The whole office was quiet for a moment,Everyone looked at Yang Shiyun。 Yang Shiyun raised his head in surprise,Just ask;“My boyfriend?My boyfriend?” “Do you have a second boyfriend besides me?” As the voice fell,The handsome and handsome Qin Liang appeared in the office。 “you!why you?How did youRead More →

(. = Miao Shu Zhai) Miao Shu Zhai ———— One thousand two hundred and forty eight chapters Where is it ? .org,The fastest update of the latest chapter of the special forces king of the beautiful president! Xiao Yaoer suddenly raised his fist,Hit the man’s temple very hard,Then another kick,KickRead More →

“Oh。” Shen Ruoxue has nothing to do,I had to walk in there honestly,A serious kiss on Liu Xiaoyun’s face。 “Not in person,Kiss here。” Liu Xiaoyun pointed her mouth。 “……” Shen Ruoxue was dumbfounded!It’s not a big deal to kiss Liu Xiaoyun,It’s not that I never kissed,But now it’s on theRead More →

“day,I am going bankrupt,Let’s discuss,Can i buy three,I know you can’t eat six in one meal。” Ding Yi is in a hurry,Said:“Do not,I can eat!If you think too much, buy one less。” Jiang Fan smiled:“There is no difference between five and six,Why don’t i care about you,Come,Waiter,Loading crab。” Ding YiRead More →