She didn’t even look at Ye Tianzong,Turn around and come to Mrs. Yang,Calmly:“grandmother,Candidates are over,can I go now?” Stay here,Just shame。 She just wants to escape here now,Find a place,Cry bitterly。 “go?” “What anxious,Shao Wang’s people haven’t come yet。” Old lady Yang took Ren Yurou’s hand,Speaking earnestly: “not to mention,SinceRead More →

Xie Yun’s eyes flashed,Finally speak,“Don’t worry about it。”I’ll leave immediately after speaking。 Yuze looked at Xie Yun’s back in silence for a while,Just go back。 When Si Guangnian came back,Baby Ou is about to tell mom and brother what he heard from Xiaoyun,Xie’s big dog gossip。 But Si Guangnian gotRead More →

Jiang Fan said:“It’s not a dance competition,Just participate,If you dance better than the new couple, you will be out of control。” Ding Yi smiled,Heart said the mayor is tolerant,Will always get maximum tolerance from him。 So Jiang Fan took Ding Yi’s hand,Dancing slowly。This is a beautifully stretched waltz。Everyone is dancingRead More →

“what?Get used to it?If i get used to this,I……” Chu Xiaoqiang won’t wait for him to finish,Just said:“Yes,Have a habit of everything,No matter east or west,Reasonable。” “You invented this sentence?”Ai Qing asked。 “The inventor is far away,Close at hand。”Chu Xiaoqiang pointed at Peng Changyi。 Peng Changyi smiled,Reach out to signalRead More →

Dad was also relieved,Say:“This is,The girl upstairs,Her mother said it’s been eight months,I think it’s about the same as Xiaoding。” Jiang Fan smiled,Said:“father,I am one for eight months,Your family is two,Of course the belly will be big。” “Ha ha。”Dad smiled,He can’t say anything。 Finished eating,Jiang Fan took Ding Yi out,JiangRead More →

As soon as they came up, they attacked Wang Dang’s vitals.,The sword swept through the air and brought a gust of wind,Wang beware,A sharp knife that sidestepped Xiaolou Chunyu,But I was toasted to dissipate my sorrow and struck a sword in my throat。 Critical strike! -612 what. So low damageRead More →

Peng Changyi used to take out the key,Just wanted to open the door with the key,Thought for a while,But put the key in the handbag,But raise the hand,Knocked gently on the door,He wants to enjoy the knocking process,This process makes a middle-aged man feel at ease and not lonely,Because thereRead More →

“thank you!” Huang Wenjie looks at the swallow,After a long time,I said three words with red eyes。What else,It is more exciting than the encouragement and recognition from comrades in arms,Passionate!This moment,Huang Wenjie feels like he is back twenty years ago,Back to my familiar barracks,I saw the side flying high aboveRead More →

Xia Chenglong is finally qualified to ask God,Ask where is the way to heaven? Come out from the library,The aura of this man has changed drastically,The first thing he did was to go to the wild Daze,To do something that should be done。 On an old altar,There are many thingsRead More →

“Row!” Qiao Yun got cheap,Very comfortable now。 On the way back,Qiao Yun kept asking Fang Yu about the tumor。 Fang Yu didn’t say much,It’s just that the type of tumor is different,Need specific analysis。It’s not as simple as Qiao Yun thought! Don’t know,Fang Yu had already undergone various operations。 IRead More →