Her words fell off,All the people sitting in an uproar,stunned,Everyone is full of unbelievable,The old man in this wheelchair can’t open his eyes,Can’t breathe,You can even eat meat, drink, and fish?Isn’t this a fantasy! ———— First0636Chapter Diagnosis “I know the big guys don’t believe it,If I hadn’t seen it,I wouldRead More →

“Lin Shao,I know what to do。” Lord of the Chen Family,Hear this,Respectfully answer。 “Ok!” “In this case,Let’s talk about the rest in the room。” Finished saying this,Lin Yugang wants to go,At this moment,I think of my classmates again。 Turned to look over,Open road:“You go back to work first,rest assured,The ChenRead More →

President Dogen called,“Is this arranged by you?This ad is really amazing!” “Not arranged,It’s probably because of Shen Huan’s temporary intention。”Vatnad has no greed,“This is more interesting than deliberate advertising,More natural and warm!” “Correct,It’s so good!”Dagen couldn’t help but admire,“Shen Huan not only saved us at least tens of millions ofRead More →

Besides, facing this sword at this time,Just eleven-year-old Nie Feng! Sword net like rainbow,A sharp sword can break gold。Cut all the land around Nie Feng to pieces,Sand and gravel fly around in an instant,Jian Wang is like a horse,Tuantuan tightly put Nie Feng in it。 “A good move!”Even Li ChenfengRead More →

Smiled,Su Mo removed the subject,“Don’t worry about me,Xiaohuan’s face must be given……In addition,Xu Ping owes Xiao Huan a favor,She must go。I’ll find some old friends for you,No less than Brother Yuan。” Let go of your mind,Wang Zhen’s gratitude:“Thank you brother Mo!” “no need to thank me,You have found the rightRead More →

Ma Wuxin immediately exploded,“How come there?” “Shen Huan, your luck is too good!”Yuan Pinggui couldn’t help being surprised。 As a result, the voice of the two fell,Shen Huan reached into the backpack again。 In everyone’s expectant eyes,Shen Huan took out a piece of jade again,But this time it is lightRead More →

Following the killing god Baiqi yelled a few words,Huang Lei is not convenient to say something else。 How to say,They also called him Huang Lei brother by mouth,If you do something that affects your reputation at this time,Obviously not so good。 “correct,Brother Huang Lei,My paper and7day,7You have to kick himRead More →

If not for this round of conference finals,Xu Xuan and James are so brilliant,Irving should also be another spotlight,But now his light is covered by these two people。 84ratio88,The Cavaliers got the points back,4Minute。 Pacers’ baseline ball came out。 frontcourt。 Xu Xuan is still holding the ball。 time is limited,TheRead More →