Old Fu dare not think about it,But suddenly, I felt like a great conspiracy with thick black smoke, rushing towards him with teeth and claws.,Do not,He rushed over to the whole Yuxing。 Xie Dabao and An Yongxiang have wolf ambitions!Fu De sighed heavily,Looking back when I brought in these twoRead More →

“Don’t I am afraid of Chinese leak news??”Queu Wu, “I hope that they can leak the news to let them come.。”Rumored, “Long Pool Jun said yes,I also hope they come,This time, it is not only the military commander.,Our garrison will also add protected teams,Another is that we don’t know theRead More →

Rules are fair,That is, the so-called forced single! And now the two sides are quite,Blue dye is not troublesome『Completely regenerate』ability,Swords with fighting swordsmanship,Night is not true! And fight here,It is very beneficial to the night.,After all, he is now helping to help the hell will,Accreditation。 This is,So the most primitiveRead More →

“Zombies can evolve!” Chen Xiu was very surprised,《One Exorcism Sutra》But I never mentioned http://www.granitemedicalsystems.cn that zombies can continue to evolve! “Haha……” Zhang Haibao smiled proudly:“Didn’t you want to know the secret of how zombies extend their life?!” “I can tell you now,The secret is——Suck the blood of the same orRead More →

if that’s the case,For the team itself,But it’s also a huge benefit! …… There is one more chapter ———— First614chapter One by one sky-high contract(Fourth more) The contract that Shen Huan got,Of course not only the Trail Blazers and Clippers。 Actually,Except for five or six teams that they know cannotRead More →

If you overturn other girls’ vinegar jars,I’m afraid it will be difficult to get out of this door completely today。 He only turned the topic to other aspects,For example, I talked about an interesting story when I played basketball in the United States,This has successfully diverted everyone’s attention。 They oftenRead More →

I reminded him,I’m going to cook on the mountain tomorrow,Ask him to prepare the local chicken tomorrow morning、Beef and other foods,Don’t eat these cuisines today。 “Holler!”He responded happily,Take us to a private room,The windows are bright and clean,Spotless,Makes us very satisfied,The tables and chairs are very simple,But what we wantRead More →

Composing:Lu Xiaofeng Arrangement:Lu Xiaofeng I didn’t wait for everyone to react,Behind the silk curtain,Just rang“clank”Guzheng sound。 feather、Sign、angle、Quotient、palace。 The five guzheng sounds rang loudly。 Then there was a burst of playing like running water,It sounds like rain pounding on banana leaves,Like a spring flowing slowly,It makes people feel like being inRead More →