“I just got the light of the juniors!If there are no juniors,He won’t care about me!cut!I’m not stupid。”

Swallow is so jealous!Uncontrollable rhythm。
“Then go find him and make trouble,Ha ha。”
Qin Liang deliberately sent Yanzi to the army。
“I asked him to make some wool!I’m also Shen’s sister now,Why should I go to him to make trouble?!”
Okay,Swallow is not stupid yet,She also knew that she had no reason to make trouble。
“Then stop,Eat more tonight and treat him as revenge。”
Qin Liang randomly gave Yanzi an idea,A dog-blood idea that sounds reasonable。
“Pull it down!After eating more, the meat will grow on me,Is that revenge on him or revenge on myself??Can’t figure it out!”
Swallow’s contemptuous answer……
“I knew I had shipped so many delicious things,We won’t carry so many fishes back so far!So tired!”
Yanzi just finished complaining,Wang Xiaohong started complaining again!Sure enough, what kind of officer should bring what kind of soldiers?!Sister Sister walks the same way as Sister Sister。