Otherwise you think about it,How terrible is the appearance of a promising movie star Xiaohuadan with full firepower?

Shen Huan’s experience and experience are not as good as Bu Yiyi’s,Naturally it is easy to be suppressed by her。
Both are good friends,There is something in the legendxAmbiguous relationship,So there is no competition,But behaved very well,Laugh and play in the TV series,Very interesting。
Don’t you say,Zhou Pu watched the first cut film by himself,Think it’s pretty。
If it weren’t for Shen Huan to go to the International Olympiad2Weeks,Plus the two bodyguards in supporting roles were interrupted,Zhou Pu feels,Almost now《Young Di Renjie》Already finished。
Ok now,If there is no accident,Should be possible within a week,You can shoot the rest of the story in up to ten days。
Thanks to Shen Huan’s good condition,Basically there is nothing to adjust when I come back,Just started acting。
It is said that when this boy was in the United States,I read the script every day,Figure out acting。
Zhou Pu to such a boy,How can you be worried??
But there are still accidents。
Because just after shooting two stories,Shen Huan asked Zhou Pu for leave again。
“I have two friends from U.S. come to vacation,I need to arrange。”The boy said to the director like this。
Zhou Pu was so angry that his nostrils almost smoked。
I just got a little taste and understanding here,You ask for leave again?
You can be maintained,But others?
After the delay,What to do if the shooting is not going well?
Fortunately, before getting angry,Zhou Pu remembered the identity of this teenager,Is not an ordinary actor at all,It is the top star of the future Shanhai.com that the princess attaches great importance to。
Thinking of what the princess said when the show started,And Shen Huan’s dedication and focus,He can only give in a step:“Go back tonight,Must be back by noon tomorrow!You must not ask for leave for several days!”