The two can be very strong in this matter,The whole is busy in the morning.。

No variable occurrence during the period。
There is a small episode。
I don’t know where the school learned Liu Qingqing’s identity.,Several school leaders have a lot of claims。
This is not surprising。
Today, Baihua Group is Qinghai Leader,Liu Qingqing this iron lady is like a day,Almost no one knows。
Important,Whether it is Pearl Primary School,Still Qinghai Affiliated Middle School,Even universities in Qinghai,Baihua Group has funded。
After the invitation of the school leaders eat,Two people drive back to Baihua Group。 Summer just returning to your office,Prepare when changing overalls,Mobile phone is rumming。
Another unfamiliar call。
Summer picking your eyebrows,Choose to turn on。
“Your Mightiness,it’s me,I don’t know if my news is helpful to you??”
A low voice from the phone。
It is the master of the mysterious phone.,Just changed a number。
Summer mouth hooked a touch radio,Cold and cold,“I don’t know if your message is accurate.,But I didn’t see the person you gave me on that passenger plane.。”
The opposite person seems to be a shock,“Will you miss it?……”“Qinghai is my site,Do you think I will miss it?。”
Summer voice becomes more cold,“Who are you?,What is the purpose??”
The other party is silent.。
Similar to the authenticity of summer discourse。
So half a sound,“Maybe Silvester has changed another face on the plane.,I can guarantee,Everything I said is true,Whether you believe it or not,Still be careful,If I guess it is good,He will definitely shoot you。”
Not waiting for summer,For the convenience of interruption。
Summer eyes,Psychic。
He is more affirmation,The owner of the mysterious phone has an unspeakable purpose。
Then he can speculate back。
One,The other party is not allies,not friend。
Two,The other party wants to provoke yourself with Silvester。
three,No matter what you are killed,Still Silvester is killed,All benefit each other。
Four,Further speculation,The other party reveals the news in advance,So even more tenden,Hope Silvester。
Five,Silvester is a law enforcement,But dare to assassinate yourself,Explain that he is preparing for this,And extremely confidential。
So,He is not difficult to have a few conclusions。