“There will be ghosts after chasing them。”Baby Ou directly spit out unceremoniously,“Must have been drunk。Do not ask,Asking is being drunk。”

Feng Yang pulled the sleeve of Ou Baobao,You almost got it。
Ou Zhaozhao laughed out loud。
Finally Jiang Fan had to save half of the purified water,Hope this half of the water,Can be used as a field。
Baby Ou looked coldly,“so,My uncle will do the research by himself,Let our company do product projects for him。at least,Less restrictive。It won’t happen when this kind of test product is reversed halfway by two-thirds.”
Jiang Fan turned to look at Baby Ou,I really want to ask her why she didn’t say it before。but,What position does he have to ask this sentence?,asked,What can we do。
Humiliate yourself。
After tossing for a long time,Water purified by Wei Zi,Was sent into the hood,Operated by a robotic arm,In everyone’s breathlessness,Slowly dripped onto the metal disc。
One second,Two seconds,Three seconds,Time seems to be very slow,Everyone is looking at the metal disc,Waiting for its response。
but,It doesn’t respond。No response。
Just when Jiang Fan sighed and wanted to announce the result,Suddenly,The light of the metal disc,Extinguished。
Baby Ou’s eyes rounded,Feng Yang and Ou Zhaozhao are in front of her,Also dumbfounded。
Jiang Fan quickly find someone to do the test,Messy for a while,Feng Yang took Ou’s mother and daughter to the corner,Then someone brought seats and tables,There are a lot of snacks on the table。Probably their most famous family now,Just eat snacks。
Ou Zhaozhao took Ou Baobao to sit down,Whisper,“This thing won’t break, right?At that time they won’t have moths,Say we broke it?”
“Will not.Bar?”Baby Ou thinks it’s impossible,But she will not overestimate the morals of these people。and so,Also hesitated。
“Why not,These guys are pretty,What a grandson!!”Ou Zhaozhao hates it,The ugly words came out straight away。