He made a meal,Slightly difficult:“What have you been encountered?,Still someone makes you have this……”

Half way,He did not continue,Turn from conclusions:“Since you said that this is,I think that this is not a good thing.,I promise will give the third person to know。So,Now http://www.etprj.cn how do you want to handle this?。”
Things once again exceed the expectations of 竹。
Xiao Jie is angry、Can、question、Be fooled,Thus, there is no havery scene。He is the most obvious performance of his whole process is incredible.,Confirmed her“Quilty”Rear,But the lead promise will tell others。
Xiao Jo“Um”A sound,Gently head,Caver encouragement:“What is your decision??”
枝 知道 知道 知道 这 希望 希望 希望 希望 希望 空,She has a psychological psychology,Smooth:“This seems to have not governed it.。”
“Can stay like this。”
Xiao Yage is light,But the attitude is firm,“If it is affected by things,Go back to recall that thing;If it is affected,I will find that person to solve it.。”
枝 眼 眼 见 这 这 发展 发展 发展,Powerless:“Specifically, what I remember.,When I realize, I seem to have turned this.……”
Mom Ye。
Why turned into her“Quilty”Discussion。
Say that Xiao Jie this person seems to be unexpected……Well?
At this time,He actually can take out the end of the peaceful attitude,And her research analysis,They should always be good friends.、Trust relationship。
Xiao Jie looked quietly at her。
Compression、No inquiry、No threat,He is just a simple look at the person in front of him.。
“Branch,sometimes……I understand you too much.。”
He brought both with the identity of the same paradise.,And rely on elderly qualifications,“You are talking to me now.,I can http://www.whwgmnqx.cn fully understand what you mean.,Maybe I can help you。At least you,Can seek,What do you want?。”
Xiao Jie gives the recommendations of 竹,Is his suggestion。
Machine,Spirituality,It is because of his heart too『chaos』NS,The essential error。This line is back to Xiao Jia, he is in the middle of the Jianzhu,Forced suppression,Machine coincidence machine;If it is not short-time, this half of the fairyland,He should also ask your heart in Jianzheng、In turn abandon the foreign object。
Have a moment,Yan Zhi was just better than the bright eyes of the sun and the moon by Xiao Yao.,She almost reluctantly:Sure enough people who can be male,Are waiting for a long time,Absolutely there are people in some way、It is enough to attract others。
Although it failed,Yu Zhi calm a lot,It doesn’t seem to collapse it.。
“Brother and brother,I http://www.jhyamy.cn understand。”
枝 道。
Put in a few,Yan Zhi thinks that it is self-sufficient and Xiao Yao to conduct such a conversation.。
Xiao Yao,The eyelashes are silent and trembled and trembled.,He hesitated、Sound is lighter:“The only thing I agree with me,It is like you to say like it.,I think that is。”
“What should I do?,I am very clear now.。”
枝 怔。
The original question is here。
“You like me,But I said that。”
Xiao Yan is still a statement of tone,But gradually feel dissipative,“I think,You seem to have to play me。I am a little angry。”