After dinner,Wang Youcai told Liu Ying:“The three of you,I’m afraid I can’t sleep in the first bed。You opened the house where Feng Yan used to live,Let your daughter sleep!”

“no, I’m fine,Our mother and daughter are squeezed very well。Moreover,Squeeze together to be warm”The kindness of Wang Youcai whom Liu Ying declined,And began to clean up the dishes。
At this time,The phone on the desk rang。Wang Youcai saw that the call was from Hu Huiru,This woman is a thief,Came to Chagang at night。
“Hey!Hello there,Is it Mr. Hu??”Wang Youcai answered the phone,And asked politely。
Hu Huiru on the phone was obviously taken aback,Then just listen to her:“Went to work today?What’s the situation??”
“Everything is fine,It’s just that it’s very cold this year。There was a heavy snowfall two days ago,The ground is frozen like iron,I’m afraid it will be a little difficult to start work after the 15th of the first month”Wang Youcai deliberately exaggerated,He just doesn’t want to start work in a hurry,He is so good at the small clinic to help。
Hu Huiru took a breath and said:“No one can do anything about the weather。You are ready,Can’t start work later,But the progress must be driven out by me。Hiring if it doesn’t work,Because this year’s orders are probably stronger than last year”
“Oh!Do you have an order now??”Wang Youcai asked tentatively。
Hu Huiru smiled and said:“Several properties in Qingshan County are about to be completed。Trees in this community,And things on the road,Not a small number。This is the community and greening developed by ourselves,Where else can this order fall?”
“thats right,This is a sure thing”Wang Youcai laughed and said。
Hu Huiru may be in a good mood,She chatted with Wang Youcai on the phone for a while,Just hung up the phone,Wang Youcai here already scolded his mother。
Because he knows,The boss’s business is good or bad,The relationship with these employees is not very big。So he hopes Hu Huiru’s business is almost。In this case,He can do more private work。
Just when Wang Youcai was doing his little calculation,The phone on the desk rang again。Wang Youcai thought it was Hu Huiru who came here again,He quickly connected。
“Rich!You go and get Chunni back tomorrow!It’s impossible to live without her。I have a cold these two days,Your dad can’t even eat”Chen Yueqin coughed repeatedly over the phone。
Wang Youcai listened,The fire in my heart came up。These parents raised their three sons,I found a daughter-in-law who has not yet passed the house,The family is worried about it。Will Yao Chunni become their nanny in the future?。
“No mom!I told Chun Nimang’s family,Let her come back after the Lantern Festival”Wang Youcai lied。As for when Yao Chunni will be back,Wang Youcai and Yao Chunni really haven’t discussed this。
Chen Yueqin was unhappy when she heard it,She roared loudly:“Let her come back two days early.?”