Li Qianying also grabbed Mo Xiaosheng quickly,Chuckle,“You donated so much money,I have done my mind,It’s not too much for us to make an advertisement by the way!”

Mo Xiaosheng heard what these brothers and sisters said,Some helplessly shook his head and smiled,Nodding to the host,“Then let Mr. Li speak on behalf of me and the company I have invested in.!”
“Ok,Manager Li,please!”
The host quickly invited Li Qianhui to the stage。
Li Qianhui looks overjoyed,After taking the stage, he gave an impassioned talk,Mo Jin who invested Mo Xiaosheng·Feng Yuanxiang、Mo Xin Xueyan and Zhou’s Auction House took the lead in boasting,Finally, I did not forget to introduce my Li Group’s biological engineering project.,At the same time, with the help of mainstream media,Publicized the first batch of longevity and anti-aging drugs that will be launched in the Xia Li Bioengineering Project!
Mo Xiaosheng looked at Li Qianjue who was talking on stage,I can’t help but sigh that Li Qianjue is indeed a trader,The speeches on stage are actually advertising most of the time,But the words are mixed with family and country feelings and respect for the martyrs,Let everyone in the audience listen with gusto,And from time to time, I nod in admiration and applaud。
After Li Qianhui steps down,,Zhou Chen on the side、Wang Xuan and Bai Xue also came up to give Li Qianjue a thumbs up,Praise him for speaking well。
And as his speech ended,This event will officially end,Everyone in and outside the small square also began to evacuate。
Mo Xiaosheng was called by Mo Zizhen and Dugu Fengyun to take a photo with the military committee and some leaders of the city,As a member of the Military Commission, Nangong Xilian looks gloomy,Said he was unwell,Took the daughter and left first。
When Nangong Yunwei left, she kept looking back at Mo Xiaosheng.,With full of sorrow in my heart,Suddenly I feel that I am because of my family,Unknowingly, there is an invisible and intangible sense of distance from Mr. Mo。
With the light of Mo Xiaosheng,Li Qianhui、Wang Xuan and others all went up and shook hands with the military committee and the leaders of the city.,Incidentally, the leaders deepened their understanding of their respective companies,Lay the foundation for future development。
At this time the people inside and outside the small square are almost gone,But there are a few figures outside the small square standing motionless looking at this side,It is Yan Lun and Jack!
Seeing that Mo Xiaosheng was showing up in front of so many people just now,Yan Lun won’t be angry,I want to frustrate Mo Xiaosheng’s vigor through a while,When Mo Xiaosheng loses the promise,Become his little brother,Then he can humiliate Mo Xiaosheng as he wants!
And you can also report on behalf of your good brother Zhang Yihong“Get beaten up”’S foe,The Zhang family will definitely not treat him badly then!
Mo Xiaosheng also noticed Yan Lun and Jack standing far away.,Suddenly remembered the gambling agreement between myself and Yan Lun,Wang Xuan, Li Qianhui and others who rushed to the side said,“Let’s go,Brother Yan is waiting for us!”
Li Qianhui glanced at Yan Lun in the distance,Complexion can’t help but change,Chongmo Xiaosheng said very cautiously,“Niche,Really sure?!”