Too straight and cold:“Lin Feng,You are not afraid that others will disclaim,Give you a disaster?And the fairy sword is temporarily leaked.,In this section,You are as dangerous。”
“I am of course afraid!”
Lin Feng looked at Taisheng Road:“But my own response,See you to trading,I don’t pursue you.,You go.。”
“Lin Feng,You are really not afraid?”Too horizontal,His candidate is like a water.,Have an effort。
“I said it is not http://www.tongshuntc.cn afraid.。”Lin Feng smiled and said。
“it is good,it is good,Lin Feng!”Too horizontal and silent,His mood stands up,Turned to the big array,But the pace is very slow,Continue like this,He is afraid to completely fly to the smoke。
“If you go to me,I don’t mind receiving you.!”Just then Lin Feng’s voice sounded,His scorpion looked too horizontally,At glance, I’m thinking too horizes.。
“This is true?”It’s too rampant to turn over Lin Feng Road.。
“Of course,But then you have to see your performance.。”Lin Feng carrys the double hand looks too horizontal channel:“Be in a few days,Your fantastics is completely gray,I want to see what value can you provide me?!”
“it is good,That is too horizontal, see the owner!”
Too straight biting to bite your teeth,He turned over the knee,His body flew out of a bloody light,The rays of http://www.bigappleny.cn the blood fall directly into the palm of Lin Feng.。
Suddenly Lin Feng’s hand broke out splendid,Lin Feng’s palm heart star river,A bloody imprint is like a star like a star,One of them fell into the central government of Lin Feng’s palm.。
This bloody printing is a bloody imprint belonging to Taiji.。
This bloody imprint is better than the fairy,Long Jixian,The blood of the dead god is more dazzling,Strike,With this bloody imprint,Lin Feng is full of vast life,He doubles。
Whitewhere,Like a spirit。
“Hand of fate!”
That is too horizontal, watching the rays of Lin Feng’s palm.,The blood of Xuanhuang and the hand of the fate is actually gathered in this human body.。
The blood of Xuanhuang is the blood of the upper。
Destiny, I am afraid that the gods can’t control,Because the gods are also difficult to overcome,If there is one person in this world, it can go super offset,That is the master of the hand of the fate。
“Tense,I can’t think of such a spoken imprint.。”Lin Feng carrys the double hand looks too horizontal channel。
“I am too rampant once choosing the way,Necessity。”Too horizontal road:“Owner,Just as the owner,I am a fairy day sword calculation,This person is sinister,Use my real body to repair the ten square God,He knows the situation of the owner,So I want to calculate the owner in the blood sea。”
“Megare me?What is he has??”Lin Feng suddenly asked。
“He in order to calculate me,Flower of funeral god,The flower of funeral God is the poison than the funeral flower.,In addition to this,He brought a half artifact from the Shentou Temple。”Too horizontal explanation:“As for other card, I don’t know.。”
“Funeral flower?A powerful fertilizer,Halician?”Lin Feng frowned:“Unfortunately, you can’t grab。”
This semipermer borrowed from the Shentou Temple,Even if you take it away, use it.。
“Owner,This person goes to the sea god this time,If this semi-artifact is lost,You can fully release the man’s person,This way you can complete a powerful task.,Earn countless merits。”Too straight and suddenly。
He apparently understands http://www.zbxfgc.cn some rules of the Northern Sheem Temple.。
“You are understanding the rules of my temple.。”Lin Feng suddenly:“I will give you a blood of your mysterious.。”Talking between Lin Feng’s blood emerged。
A strong bloody blood emerged,Flying too horizontally。
Suddenly too horizontally,The strength of the strength is skyrocketing,The power of the original weakness of Yuanjin。