“Get used to it。”Chu Xiaoqiang said lightly,He lowered his head and fiddled with the tableware。

“what?Get used to it?If i get used to this,I……”
Chu Xiaoqiang won’t wait for him to finish,Just said:“Yes,Have a habit of everything,No matter east or west,Reasonable。”
“You invented this sentence?”Ai Qing asked。
“The inventor is far away,Close at hand。”Chu Xiaoqiang pointed at Peng Changyi。
Peng Changyi smiled,Reach out to signal Ai Qing to sit down。
Ai Qing obviously won’t waste time because of this,He also sat down unceremoniously。
Wu Guanqi’s assistant carried a case of wine。
Ai Qing waved his hand at a glance,Said:“liqueur,I can not,Give me a glass of juice。”
Peng Changyi met Ai Qing drinking,Although he doesn’t drink as boldly as they do,But never drunk,But today he said not to drink,Peng Changyi can’t say anything,After all, it was Wu Guanqi’s treat。
Wu Guanqi said:“Man who doesn’t drink alcohol but drinks that sweet juice?That’s all women drink。”
Ai Qing said:“Can’t men drink juice??We are abroad……”