if not,Really, this is directly consumed.,In fact, it is,Counterpart,Not a good thing。

And you can focus on these,The more like this,In fact, starting from this perspective from this point.。
At this moment,Blue sky is very calm。
“Head lead,You look at me,It’s really not so high.。”
http://www.51lvgu.cn When the blue sky is exported,For this matter,How should I solve it?。
Other questions,In fact itself,It is nothing to say at all.。
Since now,at this point,So, it is better to simply simply,Directly solve the things here again。
Tang Wolf,When I heard the blue sky。
In fact, his heart,do not know either,What kind of feeling is it?。
But the more this,In fact, this feeling of Tang Wolf,If you have a strong。
“Humph,hateful,I will kill you!”
This,Tang Wolf,Bite the teeth,The momentum suddenly started directly to this。
And with the Tang Wolf’s words,The whole person’s speed begins to speed up。
Just blinking,Tang Wolf is more quickly arrived in front of you。
slowly,In front of Tang Wolf。
Blue sky,It is the previous step.,Reach,Hold his fist。
Blue sky,It is even more proud of it.。
“what http://www.njsybg.cn happened,Do you think,Do I am lie to you??”
When the blue sky is exported,His eyes,It’s even a bit of play.。
And Tang Wolf,The more you look at it, the more you feel strong in your heart.。
Everything has become like this now.,How to do Tang Wolf,itself,What has become more and more obvious。
“Since this,So next,Can you blame me?。”
When the Tang Wolf is exported,Tang Wolf at this time,The whole person’s speed begins to speed up。
Look,Almost just between blink,Quick arrival。
In front of the Tang Wolf,Blue sky in front of you?,It is not worthwhile.,Inversely, it is a direct decisive punch.,The squat is in the Tang Wolf。
Tang Wolf at this time,There is no time to react around,The result was this sudden punch,狠 身。
Tang Wolf,It’s even more step back.,Heavy land,Send a dull sound。
“did not expect,Heart http://www.ljyg0591.cn strength,Suddenly, I have improved so much.。”
“And look,He seems to be,Continue to improve!”
When Shen Xuan looked at him,The deep depth is even secretly thinking about these。
But now,Shen Xuan’s heart is very clear。
Now,It doesn’t seem to say this。