But since the pity star has this kind of hobby,Chu Deiren did not refuse。

Wait until Liu Sheng drift back,After the Chu Deiren said, she asked her and“Moon”Waiting for your own things in the mountain。
Liu Sheng is a little regret,It’s too too obedient before you.、Too much understanding?
Still active and your own“Kill the father”reconciliation……
And someone actually is really so big.,Let me get along with killing of the fever?
How can I express my embarrassment??
“Wandering sister,He is estimated to stay in Wudang for a while,Our woman is not convenient on the mountain.,Just……My sister, I have wanted to learn Dongyu.,You teach me, I am good.?”Pity Star feels that he must learn Dongpu。
This will then understand,This laigue in front of you,What news is passed every time?。
And who is not learning?
Just and her,Don’t worry about the accent!
“it is good、OK,Sister wants to learn,I http://www.tlccrew.cn will teach you in these days.。”Liu Sheng is sackless。
Even if you have a part-time ninist,Liu Sheng’s heart has also have a group of alpaca to run over——Are you so common in one by one??Chu Gongzi does not care,You don’t care?Please, do you think about it, you will take me something wrong.?
I call your sister.,Just expressing me very obedient,Let Chu deer feel that I am very weak、Need to love,Please, your woman is even more than my thoughts.?
“That’s so good.。”Pity Star is happy。
If you let the pity star heard the heart of Liu Shengwei,I still think that I will still feel agenious.——And don’t say you are dead,Even if it is dead……You call my sister.!
Sister as a sister,Do you need an idea of my sister??
How does this truth in the world?!
I am here“elder sister”inside,It should be a more peaceful.?
http://www.baitaidq.cn Chu Deiren nodded——kindness,Everything is properly arranged,Nothing, I need to worry.。
“After that, I may stay more in Wuwen.,You have other things,Neoway, don’t wait for me。”Chu Deirers have a special sentence。
Early next morning,Chu Deirers bid farewell to pity and flutter,Going to Wudang。
When the Chu Dee came to Wudang Mountain.,Wudang is very giving face,There is Mo Sheng Valley and Yin Shi personally welcome。
“Did you dare to work、Moqi people come to welcome,Fold your brother。”
“Chu brother, Wutang’s guest,Behind the teacher,Can’t read you, but more than those of our disciples.。”
After the two sides,I will invite the Chu Deirers into Wudang.。
This time Chu Deirers entered the living room,I saw the head of the head.……
Wudang Qi Xia,Dead Zhang Cuishan and Yu Yuyan,Chu Deirers have not http://www.zlxxjy.cn seen,Other five,Chu Deirers are undoubtedly the most familiarity,Secondly, Zhang Songxi,The most strange thing is Song Yuanqiao。
After all, Song Yuanqiao is the head of the head.,And Chu Deirers always have some“Difficult thing”Come to Wudang,Get Song Duanqiao can only hide him——After all, Song Yuanqiao represents“Wudang’s attitude”。
After meeting,The two are another rivers and lakes.,Then I introduce the topic to see Zhang Zhen people.。
“The Chun brother is to ask the teacher to seek teaching.?”Song Yuanqiao finally confirmed a sentence。
Chu Deiren heard,Some hesitation,After that, he said:“Be right,But there are some other things.。”
Song Duanqiao:……
I have been hiding now, is it??
“Song Dennee assured,Not what is difficult,And unrelated to Wudang。”
Chu Dean’s meaning,Song Duanqiao also understands——Related to Zhang Zhen people,How can I not do with Wudang??But the Chu Deirers are so saying,That is Wudang“Jianghu stand”Unrelated。