Speaking of which,Peng Changyi is still bored,He saw that the minister did not refute him,Just keep saying:“For the capable,Must give him a platform,Give him a chance,Let him use his talents as soon as possible。If you didn’t give me such an opportunity back then,I might not have today,May not reach today’s position。I tell you,For Lu Hua and Cao Nan,I want them to join the team directly,I’m afraid that others will make irresponsible remarks and put it off,In addition, I have a personal experience,As long as you spot one person,Just use it boldly,Can’t delay,The best time for a cadre to do work is only about ten years.,Once you can’t get promoted,Lost his best time,Like a deserted land,Wasted resources。As for Lin Yan,Think about it,How could he be a leader in the development zone??Not even my brother!I’m not like that. Zhu Guoqing is good to him,I think this is irresponsible,Although you have to be bold when using cadres,But I have not been so bold as to be blind,I can’t take work、Play cadres。You do not believe,If you use Lin Yan,Then it really should reflect。My relationship with Lin Yan has always been good,I talked to him about this issue that day。”

“Oh,You talked to him?”Wang Jiadong feels that Peng Changyi is indeed very careful at work。
“Yes,I said what I meant,If you let him be a development zone now,I’m afraid it’s not a good thing for him,Really,This is not an attitude of paying responsibility to a cadre,after all,He’s still a little short,He himself was convinced。”
Wang Jiadong nodded,Peng Changyi has his own set of employment concepts,This makes him no longer worry,Although he has his own style,But more careful than my own work,Closer to the people than myself。He changed the subject,Said:“You have to be careful about the development zone,Anyway, you hit your opponent hard,So be careful。I heard that he went to see Lao Fan in the province。”
“Oh?How to say?”
First208chapter Use cadres for ideas
Wang Jiadong said:“Lao Fan didn’t say,I didn’t ask,May not involve you,Some things are better without knowing,At this point,You have to be detached。”
Yes,Fan Wenliang is now a member of the Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee、Minister of Organization,There will be many people in Kangzhou running to the province,Such as Lu Hua,But when promoting Lu Hua,Although Peng Changyi thought of Fan Wenliang,But neither he nor Lu Hua mentioned Fan Wenliang,This incidates that,Lu Hua is indeed a man of rules。
At this moment,Wenwen came in with her baby,Wang Jiadong asked:“Fell asleep?”
“Fell asleep,We can have a solid meal。”
Peng Changyi said:“This kid,I rarely saw him cry。”
The minister said“Same as Madoka,Rarely cry,I can’t help it,Don’t cry,Once crying,That’s incredible。”
Peng Changyi looked at Minister,In the eyes of Minister,With a rare and loving look,Maybe,When letting go,son,Is his greatest wealth。
Peng Changyi wants to ask Wang Yuan’s situation,It’s better not to ask after thinking about it,first,He can often hear some from Wenwen’s mouth,also,The minister talks about his son in this situation,Easy to make him sad and sad。
Obviously,Minister doesn’t want to block himself,He didn’t continue the topic just now,After Wenwen puts down the baby and goes out,The minister said:“Kid,And me,Just worried about you,It’s supposed to be no longer in his place,But I heard Wenwen came home and talked about the development zone,Although your handling is wonderful,Your counterattack is also very effective,But I feel you are still in a hurry。I only mean pollution control。”
Peng Changyi smiled,Said:“Not urgent,minister,Slow down some things,Some things have to be rushed,If I don’t push this work forward now,When the anger drops,It’s not easy to push。If this time I am controlled by others,Will encourage some people’s arrogance in the future,Look down on me from the bottom of my heart,How will I work in the future。”
Wang Jiadong nodded,Said:“Ok,What you said makes sense,But this way,You have to be more careful in your work。”
Peng Changyi smiled,Said:“Not so,I will be careful,Don’t worry。”Peng Changyi felt that after the minister experienced his own incident,It’s indeed less energetic。