Ren Yurou doesn’t care。

She didn’t even look at Ye Tianzong,Turn around and come to Mrs. Yang,Calmly:“grandmother,Candidates are over,can I go now?”
Stay here,Just shame。
She just wants to escape here now,Find a place,Cry bitterly。
“What anxious,Shao Wang’s people haven’t come yet。”
Old lady Yang took Ren Yurou’s hand,Speaking earnestly:
“not to mention,Since you are married,If you want to go, you have to go together。”
“Yurou,Grandma knows you have complaints。But who can blame this?Shao Wang chased you,You are not happy,Now annoying people,Speak out,Just to ruin you!If it wasn’t for me to take this job,Maybe how terrible you ended up。”
“All right,Stop being stubborn,Isn’t it just getting married??What’s the big deal。”
Speaking of which,Mrs. Yang turned around and shouted:“Fengping。”
“Fengping,Tomorrow you will sign a labor contract with Yurou,after,She is a formal employee of our Ren Group!”
Mrs. Yang speaks calmly。