“Haha。”Ding Yi smiled happily,Not at all embarrassed。

Xiao Xu smiled too,He said:“Ancient you Zhaojun,Xiaoding is out today。You are on the same road。”
Ding Yi smiled,Said:“wrong,I’m not on the same road as her,Although we are all from the country,But she came from Chang’an,I came from Beijing,Not the same way at all。”
Xiao Xu said seriously:“Why not the same road?Penge,Secretary Peng,dont you agree?”
Peng Changyi smiled,Said:“Believe Xiaoding’s words,Can’t go wrong。”
Xiao Xu said:“why?All the princesses who made peace with the north,All walk this way,Impossible to go to Shanhaiguan?”
Peng Changyi smiled,Said:“Joining countries are not in the same place,The exit is naturally not in one place。”
Xiao Xu blinked his eyes and said:“I do not understand。”
Ding Yi smiled,Say:“Zhaojun went out of the border during the Han Dynasty,The capital is in Chang’an,Which is now Xi’an,She can’t walk here in Beijing。”
Xiao Xu said:“Hi,I thought she went out from the Forbidden City?”
“Hahahaha。”Peng Changyi laughed,I have to lean on the steering wheel,Slowed down。
Ding Yi laughed too。
Xiao Xu said:“What laughing?I always thought she went out from the Forbidden City。”