Wallace almost crushed his teeth,Did not speak,He knows that it doesn’t matter what you say,He must guard the next ball!

Lakers’ offense missed,The focus of the audience was once again on the second confrontation between Stockton and Ben Wallace.。
Stockton’s dribble is not exaggerated,Physical fitness does not explode,How did he play in this era50%The hit rate of?It relies on the best combination of man and ball,The basketball is like a flying wizard in his hand。
Ben Wallace shook his body back and forth with Stockton in disguise,He knows that he must hold his center of gravity,But the uncontrolled body just follows Stockton’s dribbling rhythm。
The slow dribble tempo quickly accelerates,Stockton makes a breakthrough,Ben Wallace back,But saw Stockton put away the ball,Three-pointer!
Wallace opened his hand to interfere,But the center of gravity is out of control,The lower body is still receding,The whole person fell to the ground。
“Huh。”Stockton makes a three-pointer。
“WOW,Look at this damn nigga,Worshiping like our John。”
“Hahahaha,This awkward defense simply shouldn’t appear in the US NBA。”
“Look at this ball!This can be selected as the best of the year!”
Lakers request a timeout!
“Damn,Let’s replace the notebook。Stockton is totally humiliating him!”
“FAK,You are humiliating Daben!”Kobe is angry,He pulled up Ben Wallace, who wrapped his head in a towel。
“Stop him,If it doesn’t work, do it again!This one won’t work, the next one continues!No one knows what kind of power you have in your body,trust yourself,Get rid of him!”Kobe Roar。
Ben Wallace was breathing quickly,He tried his best,But I just can’t help it。