“My grass!”

Ma Wuxin immediately exploded,“How come there?”
“Shen Huan, your luck is too good!”Yuan Pinggui couldn’t help being surprised。
As a result, the voice of the two fell,Shen Huan reached into the backpack again。
In everyone’s expectant eyes,Shen Huan took out a piece of jade again,But this time it is light yellow。
Light yellow jade is not the mainstream of jade,But this color is very pleasing。
Especially those who do,The most favorite is the bright yellow that represents the majesty of the emperor。
Of course, jadeite rarely has such a strong yellow,But this kind of light yellow also appeared some。
Usually inside the three-color Fu Lu Shou jade,To add this yellow,Can be regarded as the most exquisite category。
But there are not many light yellow emeralds,Let it and other colors make up the three colors of Fu, Lu and Shou,That would be a bit too difficult for it。
Two pieces of jade that Shen Huan took out,Not too big。
The emerald green is only the size of a crispy watermelon,Light yellow jade is slightly bigger,Twice its volume。
Ma Wuxin can’t believe everything in front of him。
But he still knows。
“Shen Huan,you,you,You got it back today5From a piece of jade?”Ma Wuxin stammers。