Since Li Qingqiu can be the richest man in Nancheng,Must be someone with a brain。

But both Chen Biao and Chen Fei were planted in the hands of Li Qingqiu,Prove that he has the courage and strength to take this matter。
How powerful?Kong Xing doesn’t know either。
But it is estimated……It should not be as strong as Lin Zhicheng!
When sending messages to Li Qingqiu,Ding Zhi specially ordered,you’re welcome,Be tough,It’s better to say something that makes him faceless,To insult him。
Last time in the ring,I haven’t reported the hatred yet!
at this time,Li Qingqiu is handling things at New Century Group,Suddenly someone came to see him。
“Let him in。”
Door open,A tall thin man walked in。
Sitting opposite Li Qingqiu,The thin tall man is not welcome at all,I stretched my foot directly on the table,This is what Ding Zhi told him。
“Li Qingqiu, right?。”
Li Qingqiu frowned,Where’s the uncultivated thing。
“what’s up?”
The man slapped a letter on the table,Said:“The dark world of your southern city,Now it’s under the control of Brother Lin Zhicheng,I advise you to return to Brother Lin Zhicheng。”
Li Qingqiu was amused,Said:“Oh?is it,What if i don’t?”
Man spread his hands,Said indifferently:“Whatever you want,You should have heard the news these days anyway,All those who haven’t returned to Lin Zhicheng,The plenary meeting was cleaned up。”
“This is just a suggestion,Brother Ding also misses old love,Just came to give you a chance,Listen or not,Don’t wait till you die。”
Li Qingqiu wants to laugh even more,Such a little guy,Dare to be so arrogant。
Li Qingqiu shrugged helplessly,Said:“You shouldn’t ask me about this,You should ask my brother,I listen to my elder brother。”