after all,The things that everyone pursues have long been different,Not so pure at all。

Opposite the monk,Is to use evil spirits and evil cultivation。
They enter the body with evil spirits!
To achieve the purpose of cultivation……
Its purpose,To pursue longevity。
This way the entry will be faster,But the harm to ordinary people,It’s not a normal illness。
Very likely to die!
and so,Master repeatedly told Fang Yu。
Encounter this kind of thing,Help……
No way,Forget it!
After all,Fang Yu’s master doesn’t know if Fang Yu can transform and succeed in ten years.。
some things,Can’t tell!
Now Fang Yu has successfully stepped into the threshold of a monk,But Fang Yu hasn’t tried to deal with evil。
The silver needle only temporarily locked Dr. Cai’s heart。