“Mischief,I don’t have any rumored girlfriend,You can ruin the section chief。”Peng Changyi deliberately said angrily。

“Why not,Watching the material?”
“Don’t talk nonsense,How rude to let people hear!”
“Ha ha,rest assured,I’m calling in the studio,I can’t hear any loud sounds outside,We are a studio equipped with professional soundproof materials。”
“All right,Don’t show off your poor TV expertise,After reading,You follow along。”
“How does it work?I’m not going。”
“This is the mayor’s order,Let you accompany reporters from higher-level media,This is work。”
“I,I still have a task at night,Overtime。”Since I came to the TV station,Ding Yi learned to use these words to prevaricate those dinners she didn’t want to attend,Tried and tested。
really,Peng Changyi said:“I do not care,Tell the mayor yourself,It seems that he has to arrange your task。”
Ding Yi remembered Jiang Fan’s attitude towards him,Just say:“My task is arranged by the bureau leader,The mayor arranges tasks for me。”
“Hey!I can’t care about you,right。it is good,You wait。”Talking,hang up the phone。
Ding Yi also put the phone on the carpet,Unplug the phone line,Because the telephone in the studio is usually unplugged,She turned off the light,Came out。
Very strange,Until they read all the material,I didn’t see any calls coming in either,She didn’t even think about her pager,Maybe the mayor believed her statement about working overtime,Stop begging her。
Ye Tong finished reading the belt,Chongding smiled and said:“More real than I thought。Thank you Xiaoding。”She turned to the officer in the propaganda department,Said:“Tell Wen Ju,Let’s go。”