The characters in the library seem to have a soul,Turned into a long string of countless strange land runes,A long rune string per book,Millions to millions。

Xia Chenglong is finally qualified to ask God,Ask where is the way to heaven?
Come out from the library,The aura of this man has changed drastically,The first thing he did was to go to the wild Daze,To do something that should be done。
On an old altar,There are many things with cow head and horse noodles around,These guys are half human and half monster,The gods gave them ugly faces,Naturally will make up on the other hand。
Human-like intelligence,A physique as strong as a beast,It’s a race that strong people in many places don’t want to touch。
Just as they were kneeling around the altar,Suddenly a purple beam appeared above the sky,All the guys are frightened,This kind of thing has never happened before。
Xia Chenglong doesn’t have any nonsense,A group of purple energy balls slowly appeared on the chest,Finally began to merge with the beam that directly passed through the sky。
Minotaur and horse face people feel the danger,This is a tremor from the bottom of my heart。
“what……Run away!”
“Run fast!”
He wants them to feel the feeling of being ended by the king,Let his brothers take a good look,Revenge。
“Dragon King Different Dimension。”