Chapter three thousand seven hundred and sixty one why me
And at the same time everyone knows,The little girl who bravely risked her life to get under the collapsed viaduct to save people,She’s still Murongshan’s daughter!
There are many employees of Ouya Group among those who watch TV,They only found out tonight:The female presidents of their company,They are all active fighters of special forces,And all of them are Shen’s sisters!No wonder Shen Ruoxi and Chen Hao disappeared for so long,Never appeared in the company……
An accident rescue,Murong Shan,The identities of Shen Ruoxi and Chen Hao are all exposed,This can be said to be another form“The truth is revealed”Up。
Bai Qingsong is watching TV,When Shen Ruoxi first appeared in TV footage,He really didn’t recognize who it was,He just thinks this female special forces soldier is so familiar……Until Murong Shan and Chen Hao also appeared on TV one after another,He recognized Murong Shan and Chen Hao,Immediately reacted:The female special forces soldier who looked very familiar just now,It’s Shen Ruoxi!
“I rely on!This is what happened!Did I see a ghost?!I still have problems with my eyes!How can this be!How could Shen Ruoxi and Chen Hao be the sisters of the Shen family?!and many more……Shen Jiamei!Shen Ruoxi……”
Bai Qingsong suddenly found the problem,Shen Ruoxi’s surname is Shen,Shen’s sister is naturally also named Shen,That’s right!Shen Ruoxi is not a sister of the Shen family,So who can be the Shen family sister?!But he’s an idiot,Murong Shan and Chen Hao are obviously also Shen’s sisters,But neither of them has the last name Shen……
But it doesn’t matter whether the last name is Shen or not,The important thing is to know that Shen Ruoxi,Chen Hao and Murong Shan are both sisters of the Shen family,This huge information is already a super blockbuster!And many other employees of Ouya also watched the live news report tonight,So tomorrow Ouya will definitely fry the pot!
Shen Ruoxi’s parents were also shocked。
Shen Ruoxue and Liu Xiaoyun are sisters of the Shen family,Both of them know,But when did Shen Ruoxi and Chen Hao become sisters of the Shen family?This is what their old couple never dreamed of。
But the picture on the TV is definitely not fake!The old couple can see clearly:Shen Ruoxi and Chen Hao are wearing special forces uniforms and fully armed with assault rifles.!And Shen Ruoxue and Liu Xiaoyun were standing beside Shen Ruoxi and Chen Hao just now!The same dress and equipment……
“Your eldest daughter doesn’t tell us anything now。”
Shen Chengxian said depressedly to his wife。
“What you said!What is my eldest daughter?She is not your eldest daughter, is she??”
Mother Shen immediately retorted unconvinced。
Shen Chengxian sighed,Hesitating。
“You don’t have to sigh,Let’s interrogate her when she comes back。”
Seeing her husband very unhappy,Mother Shen’s heart is soft again,Calmed down and said。