Lin Yu was surprised,To know,My own father-in-law,After I entered the Lu family,,I never saw him cook。

“Yes!But it’s not so early,It’s only half past six now,Go to work so early there。
Did you brush your teeth??
Eat breakfast after brushing your teeth,Otherwise it will be cold for a while。”
Lu Fei responded with a smile。
Hear this,Lin Yu frowned。
If something goes wrong, there must be a demon,It’s better not to answer too much.。
“Ok,I’ll come over to eat after brushing my teeth。”
Although it feels strange,But I still have to eat breakfast。
Brush up!!!I will brush my teeth in a while,And Lu Yingying,Get up at this moment。
It’s just that Lu Yingying didn’t expect,Just walked out of the room,I saw the living room filled with breakfast。
This is only a few minutes,I made breakfast so soon?
See breakfast in the living room,Lu Yingying was taken aback。
But when I saw Lin Yu coming out of the bathroom,There is still water on the face at the moment。
Lu Yingying also knew,Lin Yu didn’t make breakfast。
“Dont look at me,Dad made breakfast。”
Seeing Lu Yingying’s eyes look towards herself,Lin Yu explained。